Saturday, March 30, 2013

Save Google translate text as a draft | New features from Google translate

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

Google translate has been add till some of the days. Google translate. You can translate in different 66 languages alternatively.

Before this features added, a users have to only translate onetime, change at a time and use the text with copy, past. But users can not use once page left.

Some of the time users can lose the data after handwork on Google translated the text.

So, Google provide excellent features to the users. Users can save translated text as a draft on the same page with one click on star icon in text area.

You can enjoy Google translate with go on link : [Click here to translate text]

To See click on below image 

Google Translate save option

Draft saves in Press book functionality powered by Google.

Many Options available to save your draft in Press book
To See below Image To get : see below image
Google translate save in draft
1.You can save your draft directly but you can search with options available to find your topic and much more.
2.You can search with recently add some of the hours ago. And language which you had to save previously that’s in your draft.
3.You can also delete from draft with multiple selection of draft.
4.You can change your translated draft with open in Google translator text area.
5.You can Liston translated text and original text through headphone and speaker with speaker icon available on each and every draft.

now Google translator users can use as a professional place in business with useful tools.
Note :
Google translators better works with google crome then internet explorer, safari and mozila.
Because google come is lighter and fast then the other browser and Google crome work very batter with easy synchronization of google translator.

You can download from here :

Search option in Google translator
You can search through the keyword from the My phrasebook using search box available on my phrase book.
See in below images :

Google translate search option

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