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Google science fair 2013: Last date of submission, Time table and innovative science by google

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Google science fair organized by international sponsors – LEGO, GOOGLE, CERN, and national geography, Scientific American.

Google science fair 2013
Google science fair is hold online every year for 13 to 18 years children’s. Motto of this event is the “Provide bright future to growing children” and create innovative thing by student by technology and science.

CERN : world’s largest European Research its works on basically on science research. CERN was found since 1954 in Europe.

CERN also works on education program with positive mind.

CERN shares the deep knowledge of science and actual physics.

CERN present knowledge on its official website through the video, animated movies, Expert advices, Photos, animations, Games.

LEO is one of the most power full companies to make a future bright since1932. LEGO invites to celebrate science fair more than 130 countries worldwide participates.

National Geography
National geography sharing a big resource of geographic knowledge world wide since 1888 through the magazine and video channels, radios, DVDs, maps, live events, and school programs.

You can find more on its website:

Scientific American sharing a good knowledge in engineering, mathematic, technology and science.
Scientific American establish since 1845.

But one of the big think is that is published magazine on above topic in 14 different language format in world wide.

Scientific American also gains positive popularity through 5 million people over the world.

Interested children who are participates and become a winner of this event can registers within some of the countable days : about 32 days.
To check latest information plese go on its official website :

You can also check upcoming event regarding to the Google science fair 3013.

Final event will held on 29th April. Name of the event is the
Subject: competitors have to give answer on online base.
Total 15 events will be remaining till that’s days.

Topic which will conduct in next days:
29th march – Joy reidenberg: Whales – Wild Weird Wacky For more[Click here]
31 march – Dr.Al-Amould:Medical Science, Find out more[Click here]
2nd April – Office Hours:Ask Your Questions [Click here]
3 April – Dan Ariely:The Problem of Self-control [Click here]
5 April – Paul Sereo:Dinosaurs [Click here]
8 April – Office Ours: Ask your Questions Live[]
9 April – Barrington Irving: Science of flying [Click here]
12 April – Dan Satterfield : Wild Weather [Click here]
15 April – Office Hours : Ask your Question Live[Click Here]
17 April – Adrian Drake Engineering,Space and LEG
18 April – Anti-Matter Hangout with CERN [Click here]
22 April – Office Hours : Ask your Questions Live
25 April – Dr.Dean Ornish : Change your game
26 April – lain Couzin: When Creatures swarm
29 April – Final Office Hours: Ask Questions live

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