Saturday, October 21, 2017

How to Block Call in Android Smartphone without any app

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Clock bot techniques should be different on different Android OS, Blackberry and other mobile OS. Here you can get the guide on how to block unknown call, all the call, only allow selected calls, receive all the calls, and more option as you wish. Call block is not irritating techniques, but many times it’s so helpful when you are in the meeting, press conference and classes in school and colleges. But it has main disadvantage also. If you forgot to enable incoming call after disable it, so you don’t feel able to receive any critical calls. But today you have many other alternative ways to contact you using WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media apps running in android mobile. So use it positively whenever you need.
Here I will explain to you how we can stop the incoming call from unknown and known person manually as a block list.
Time to update Android version, you will get the new ways to block unwanted incoming call in your Android Mobile. This is the right time to learn block call on Samsung, HTC, Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL and Other company android mobile running on android nougat, android oreo.

Steps to block unknown call in android smartphone without any third party apps

Update: In Google Phone app, Tap on more (three verticle dot icon), Find settings option and open it.
Under the settings > Call Blocking.
In Clock Blocking, Add Number that you want a block in your mobile. and reject automatically when a call is coming.
Update: In Samsung mobile, Open phone app and Find more icon option at the top corner of the screen, next See the settings option and Tap on block numbers > Here you can manage all blocked call to remove or add new in blacklist contacts.
Step 1
Go to the setting option in the Android smartphone.
Step 2
Under the setting device panel, tap on blocking mode
Step 3
Enable blocking mode, for more setting tap name of blocking mode.

Step 4
From here you can set the setting for incoming block call, Disable notification, Disable alarm and time also.
More: you can also set time for block call and notification under the set time tab.
Step 5
At last screen, you can check Allowed contacts, Tap on it, and choose the option that you wish.
Like None, All contacts, Favorites, and customer.
In customer option, you have to choose a name from your contact list that as block list.

Step 6:
Save your block contact list, and enjoy un-interrupt life with your android smartphone.

Have you any alternate tips on block call and apps that share with your friend and us with below comment box. Don’t miss to share and like very useful tips for android.
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Best image Optimization Software For SEO in windows and Mac

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Are you finding the best image optimization techniques? Then you must have to use handy image compression tools and software for personal and official use and plugins (minify and hammy) available for image optimization in WordPress. Are you worried about image optimization and compression then you must have to use below suggested and best-rated software for your Pac and Mac?

Wordpress plugins take more server resource if you turn on compress all images at once from your WordPress dashboard.

So make and prepare HD quality image on your PC or Mac before upload post. Or Publish post. Polished image creation decrease server load on upload time.

Best image optimization software and image compressor for better SEO is really excellent photo making and Picture editing software for the blogger and image maker. That help to edit screenshots, Create New Image, Use Different Scale option, Change image, Arrange images side by side and use different tools for a point or show essential settings on the screen to the readers for easy understanding.

Before save you can see estimated image side and change it back save with preview. tools also helpful to convert or break picture formate into another picture formate from JPEG, PNG, GIF and any other.

RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) for image compression

Riot is free and open source image optimizer software for your website and blog building. RIOT giving auto compression suggestion. But for the manuall operation, you can also set as of your target image size like 200kB to 20 KB and WhatEver.
RIOT is also giving the option for image saturation, Compression, Color charger, and brightness. Here all the operation with screen shot helps to use actual on RIOT.

To use this software you have to simply upload the image that can be shown in the left pane of the software window. And converted image will be shown at right side pane. You can save the compressed image from top bar given in top tab.

RIOT is also recommended by GIMP, XnView, Photo shop users and graphic designer.


All the image format supporting, JPG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, or Photoshop PSD file
All the type of image not limitation of file size and more
Download RIOT click here
Image optimization software for you
Image optimization software for you (Pro version) is best image compression techniques with the algorithm. This image Compression software is very popular for business and professional users.
Your website has google quality image, Then you must have to use this image compression algorithm software for batter utilization.
compress image for SEO for Web
compress the image for SEO for Web
Here you can go with premium plans after used as free 20 days usage

Kraken also supports your WordPress blog or website through its plugins.

Online Image Optimization Tools for Compress Image

There too many popular online image compression tools, That's easy to access and help to convert any size image very fast without any registration. tiny JPG and Tiny PNG is a great online website for Image compression. Compress your Business image, logo and Banner image very fast and securely.

Hope, you like the most amazing and very popular image compressor or image optimization software for use. Have you any alternate software for your windows or Mac then comment in below. Also share your experience, if any of above Best image compression software.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Free graphic design software for business in free

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Want you become best graphic designer, and then you must have to use below best graphic designer tools for your business or home learning tools. These all are very unique and most popular graphic design software for your windows and Mac computer as well in free of cost. Some of very popular, that you can buy and use pro features. Using this desigh software you can make very unique pictures, banner and animated pictures also.

Useful: Best image editing tools for Mac.

Best free Graphic design software for business usage: Windows and Mac

SVG edit

SVG (Scalalbel vector graphic) SVG store image code in XML format. You can make different image foramte like JPG, GIF and PNG. You can make any design process at client side only. Whenever you want change it, simply download file and edit code manually.

You can make 2D or 3D image easily.

Get SVD from here


Inkscape is free open source vector graphics software for windows and Mac. this tools give number of direct shapes, drawing tools and 3D effect property which can be applicable without any long process.

From this software you can make beautiful picture and graphics desigh that you never seen.

Gete InkScape from here

DrawPlus starter Editor

DrawPlus is UK based company developing tools for editor and vector graphics. DrawPlus providing best tools for vector graphics and color effect tools by tools available for awesome look and feel.

DrawPlus download from here

Google Developer

Gooogle developer for chart and graphs helps to show in your webpages. It’s 100% free and very usefull for developer, who wants use open source code and implementation in website or blog.

Get Google Developer from here

Easel ly

Easel ly is free open source software for all users who want make ennovative design in less effort. Easel ly gives direct tools for designing, crop, editing and color picker tools. Don’t miss to use it and share your experience with us. How usefull this app is personally.

Other very useful in the same categories are given in below,
Daz Studio

From this post you will get perfect graphic designer tools for your profestional life. Have you any suggetstion that might be very useful then comment in below.
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Monday, November 10, 2014

Steps to add google search in wordpress website

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

We know that, Google search is very important for all the website and blog. You have a wordpress or other CMS based blog, So you must have to use this way to add google search because in this case you don’t have to need some coding knowledge just follow the step given in below and past code at last.

As well as Google search box gives result from your blog or website easily. You can find single keyword or long text from this search box. In result from google search box, you will find result from sites and also as a google search result. In your website or blog page.
Google search box preview
Google search box preview

Step to add Google search in wordpress website: How to add and use

Step 1: Go to the Google search page, and sign in with your gmail account.

Create google search box
Create google search box

Customize google search box
Customize google search box

Step 2: Enter the website name where you want to search – your blog name or website. Given in below screen. You can enter nultiple link if you want get result from another website or blog.

Step 3: Click on create button. After that you have successfully created search blog for your website.

Step 4: Next, you will get the screen of get code. So tap on get code. And copy code from screen.
Get code for Google search box
Get code for Google search box
That you have to past in your blog code inside the head or footer tag.

Step 5: Now you have to past code in your blog
By go to Apperience > Widget
Then Tap on Text widget. Paste that code and save it.
Copy code and past in wordpress blog
Copy code and past in wordpress blog
Verify, you have done or placed region and looks are good or not? Otherwise you can customize from your Google search box generate account through given in below.

How to customize/ Google search color and text, button manually

Under the look and feel option, you can customize google search box as you like using color, text size, button color, button size and more.

Note: you don’t have to copy code again and agin. Design will automatically affect in your wordpress google search box same looks like in previw in same screen.

Layout: How your search result page look like, single page, Double page, Popup effect, Compact design.

Theme: Search result in row looks in different way.

Customization: under this section you can customize Font type, Font color, Beckgroud color, Result color – title color – titiel size and more.

If are you facing any problem to set google search box in your wordpress website or blog then comment in below we will assist you set google search box without plugins and more.
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Friday, October 31, 2014

Best Diabetes app for android: Test diabetic at home

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Best Diabetes app nominated for andoird mobile. Through these apps you can map your body sugur from your android smarthpone through app only. These all are apps recommended by diabetes experts and doctors. On the review and report decalared by NDEP (National Diabetes Education Program). So don’t miss out this free diabetes app in free for your mobile.
Best Diabetes app for android

Best Diabetes apps for Android Smart phone in free


This is #1 diabetes app for youe helth. Using this app you can check your body sugur level at youe home or office in any time. this app also helps to maintain weight and calories report in your android mobile. You can also test your food value by scan barcode on any food packet.


Glooko manage your diabetes in easy way. So upload your diabetes reading from your meter and Golloko generate graph automatically. Track currect information in this app, and if any need to maintain diabetes contect with your family doctor.

Diabetic Audio Recipes Lite

Before eat check food nutrician, beware abut havvy nutrician food using this best diabetes app for android. make low sugur recepes from this app.

Diabetes Connect

Diabetes patient always make feel sad, but using this app you can talk, share or recive tips to other, learn more things to maintain diabetes in easy way from experts through only this app.

Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy is best for track your diabetes reading number from your android mobile. You will get notification on any big problem related to diabetes. You can also track blood sugur, Blood pressure and Body weight as well.

I hope this apps will very useful for body and helth, So don’t miss to share best diabetes apps for you, personally. Also comment in below any suggestion app, we will add in list for batter help to other.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to solve External harddrive not formatted error [fixed]

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

External harddrive giving error on trying to format from Mac/PC, before some days I trying to format my seaget 1TB harddisk, and facing problem on format harddisk. Without data lose you are getting error on External harddrive not formatted on Mac. Most of the friends, readers and forums frequently asking question on whats not format data from my hardisk. For that Harddisk Company can’t giving any solution on how to foramt hardisk force fully from your Mac and PC.

Finally, I solve solution through the EaseUS Data recovery wizard free software available in market.

Note: First check any hardware fault in your Mac or Harddisk, Like loose connection on USB connection from both end. USB port is not working correctly. Your Harddisk driver not supporting OS, or might be currepted.

Useful: Make bootable pendirive from Windows 7 or Windows 8 DVD.

Steps to Format and solve External hardrive not formatted error

Step 1
Download EaseUS data recovery software for Mac, or Windows Machine.
Step 2
Launching screen of EaseUS
Launching screen of EaseUS
Run and launch EaseUS data recovery software in your Machine. Choose all the optioh and tap on Next.
Step 3
Now, your next screen you will see all the drive and external drive also. Choose External hard disk.
Select hardisk from screen
Select hardisk from screen
Step 4
Tap on Scan, EaseUS scan your drive with all the files in root and sub directories.
Tap on restore
Tap on restore

Step 5
After scan successfully, you can see full preview of your recovers and cleaned fine in window. Shown in below. After clean drive you can successfully format without any error.

Create restore point in windows 7 or windows 8 before format your PC.

Here, Friends this is recommend by me personally. You can use it I am not affiliated with this software product. Have you any other alternatives to solve error on external hard drive not formatted error, So comment in below. We will assist you.
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Best diwali E-Card on diwali wish – Beautiful Card for diwali wish

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Friends, Happy dewali from me for best wish for your next year, here I share very beautiful greeting card for your friends, Family and close friends. That you can send through mail, Mobile and Facebook.
That all are collecting of God – and best bless diwali greeting cards, plain and beautiful colored, Slogan card wist only, Cack and lamp, Ramantic, Animated, Cartoon for your friends and family that can be aviaiable in full HD – 1024 pixel.

Let’s download Best diwali E-Card for wish on Facebook, Mobile


Rated Diwali Card for Diwali wish
Rated Diwali Card for Diwali wish
123Greeting have a brilliant collection on diwali card in all categories declared above. Frome there you will find rating wise wallpaper on Diwali in free of cost.


That holiday post also gathering best designed beautiful unique wall paper collection that you must have to download for this diwali.


Diwali greeting card for wish
Diwali greeting card for wish
Webneel’s largest collection on greetings make you feel amazing. From there you can download HD wallpaper and greeting card for diwali in free.
How you feel on best Diwali card for upcoming Diwali 2014, It’s enough to get diwali greeting card source. Are you feeling and get more diwali cards categories kindly comment in below. I will persomalyy recommended best Diwali greeting card for you in reply. Don’t miss to share this article with your friends.

For primium cards


Best diwali E-Card on diwali
Best diwali E-Card on diwali
Are you finding HD paid diwali greeting cards that I recommenred greetingcarduniverse is best for you. You will also get large discount on diwali offer from there. From there you can find perfect diwali card as of your categories easily and add it for cart to buy from there.

All the best,
Happy Diwali, Knowledgekites
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Friday, October 10, 2014

How to reset game in android mobile [remove all game data]

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Refreash or Reset game is quite simple for that you don’t need and third party apps here is the guide on how to reset game means, earned points, game stage level, recent updates, added friends, groups and all the data including registration that you get from starting og game. Here are the simple steps on reset game and other application from your android device – Mobile or tablet.

Useful: how to stop Android mobile and device haging.

Steps to reset game in android mobile [remove data and enjoy from starting]

Step 1:
Go to the Setting from your android mobie.

Stpe 2:
Under the setting > Tap on Application

Step 3:
Choose manage application. Under the manage application you can see all the installed game or application.

Step 4:
Tap on Apps and game that you want to make refreash or play as new playes and game. After that you can see Force stop, Uninstall, Clear data and Uninstall button in your android and tab.

Tap on Clear Data button, with tap on Clear data saved data inside the phone directory related to that apps and game removed for all time. That’s not dmmage your apps and mobile OS. Just remove temporary file only.

Now your are done,

Useful: Best gaming desktop for game.

Hope, you like and find that correct solution guide on how to remove or refreash game or app in your android application. Now you aenjoyed new game and app in your android and tablet.
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

How to Transfer contact from iPhone to android mobile

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

Phone contact transfer specialy for iPhone to android is not easy task in technical way. But here I will explain on how to transfer all the contacts from yout iPhone to android in free of cost. Thousand of android users used this app for migtrate all the iPhone contacts to andoid smart phone. You can not only cantacts but also transfer message, Music, Video, Apps and more.

Before start process you have to take safe backup in both iPhone and ipad for security reason only.

How to stop auto update apps in android mobile.

Here are steps to transfer contacts from iPhone to android

Download and install Phone transfer for your windows or mac system.
For windows:
For Mac:

Step 1
After download setup, install in your windows or Mac system
Launch Phone transfer in youe Mac/PC
Phone transfer home screen
Phone transfer home screen

Sync your iPhone and android to Phone transfer
Sync your iPhone and android to Phone transfer

Transferring Contacts from iPhone to android
Transferring Contacts from iPhone to android

Step 2
Connect both iPhone and iPad with USB cable one by one. Before android connect with your computer clean your android contact by remiving it manually.
After all you will see the both phone with model number in your computer screen.

Step 3
Choose contacts, you want to transfer contacts from iPhone to android. Then tap on blu button “Start copy”.
After successfully transfer all the contact one by onde your can complete it with OK button at last.
Useful: Take latest backup of WhatsApp message.

Note: Using this cant loss your contact in your source mobile – iPhone.

Phone transfer is amazing software to sync or migrate and transfer data from one mobile deive to another like iPhone to android or android to iPhone in easiest way.

Don’t miss have you any confusion on how to work that, and I not trnafered in your case then comment in below we will gald to assist you.
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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Windows 10 iSO file direct download link and product Key

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Windows 10 iOS download now avialalbe from official microstft site. In this windows 10 setup you don’t need windows 10 crack and patch. Windows share then new users for batter experience with Windows insider program. in windows 10 rumours, Microsoft released own windows 10 in san fransisco. Here you will find how to download windows 10 for your windows machin in free of cost. To download you need just register your self. Other wise you can also download it from windows 10 direct download link ginve in below. So don’t miss the new windows 10 after windows 8.

If you are using windows 7, windows 8 then you can install windows 10 in your desktop or laptop in free of cost thorugh the below proceder.

For windows 8.1 : Windows 8.1 full version direct download link for all.

Steps to Downlaod and install windows 10 iOS file for your windows machine

Step 1
Go to the :, Then tap on join now button.
Windows 10 for your windows machine
Windows 10 for your windows machine

Tap on Get the upgrade
Tap on Get the upgrade

Step 2
Before that you have own Microsoft account is required: to create account click here.
Accept terms and condition.
Accept terms for install windows 10 in your machine
Accept terms for install windows 10 in your machine
Step 3
Before any action plase read the basic system requirement to run windows 10 on your system
Step 4
Windows technical preview update setup should be downloading in your browser.
Run setup to install windows 10
Run setup to install windows 10
You can download windows 10 iSO image file in your machine from here. :
Step 5
Make bootable pendrive or bootable CD - disk to setup windows 10 over windows 7 or windows 8.

Note: Windows 10 is recenely released for limited languages, English, Chainese, and Portuguese.

For the above windows 10 iSO file product key is : NKJFK-GPHP7-G8C3J-P6JXR-HQRJR.

You don’t take headache, Then your can find windows 10 direct download links given in below,

For windows 10 profestional users

English :
For 64 Bit | For 32 bit
English (UK)
For 64 Bit | For 86 Bit
For 64 Bit | For 32 Bit
For 64 Bit | For 32 Bit

For windows 10 Enterprise users

For 64 bit | For 32 bit

In recently we will share windows 10 with crack, patch or serial number for full pack.

From this post you will fine direct download link and alternet way with registration. You can choose any of two. May be link not working and getting problem to dowload windows 10 iOS image file, then comment in below, we will update as soon as possible. So don’t miss to share very usefull for all.
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