Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to check my site contains copyright material: find copyright article

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
This article helps to find the copy right material from your blog and sites. For more you have to get exact map with any site that’s means you have to find the reference site which your site belong with copy right material. Which content is same from the other sites and your site.

copyright checker

For that we have a solution also available to stop this kind of activity from any of the other web owners. The prevent way is that register with And put logo from this site.

How to check?
Now a days on my personal opinion: is one best site to check my site contains copyright material or not. With list of post that’s have copyright contents.
You have to enter your site access URL: Ex: to check out hit the search button.
To check you have to click out and make sure you have to put up from the other sites.
If you have any other sites to check copy right content then put you below in comment box.

Why we stop?
From my suggestion we have to stop this kind of activity cause of many of the reason will be affect in future that’s make your blog or site down from the web crowd. List of affected points are display below that’s makes more trouble in you.
More of the web blogger make this kind of activity cause of to get good page rank and traffic in less time with shortcut method. But its create a problem in future. That’s reason is that any of the ad marketing program check your sites with list of criteria. One of them is “copyright material”. This article totally based on this with listing problem in below. Please follow the web rules and keep safe always. We have to prevent these types of activity on any way.

Problem in google adsense approval and other ad affiliates to accept your site?

Google adsense make a response when you are applying your site or blog for adsense program. Same for the other sites.
Your site contains copyright material. Then you have to check your site with
Remove all the contents that’s make problem in way then I hope your path will be clear for adsense approval.

You site rank will be down. Google page rank and alexa rank will be down?

If you are in trouble with you site rank not good after many hard work then check with 100% surety. You had copy pasting content in past.
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