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How to send Gmail with more than 25MB File size | No limitation in Gmail

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

If you are Gmail users then you have to no worry about to send mail with large file size.

Before some days Gmail launch new facility to the Gmail users with collaborating with the Google drive.

Now you can use Gmail as a large file sending medium from the other mail services like yahoo, outlook, rediff, and act

10 GB File size = GMIAL + Google drive

In Gmail the compose of mail give advance facility with users can shared a link from google drive which you want to share or send to your friends.

Benefits of this type of option

Sender just selects the different folder from Google drive which is previously loaded in his/her account. Users can also sent same types of item with add or remove option by selecting a google drive items.

Users can sent data or large file from the other place.

You can change mail with runtime without any confusion.
User also can send audio Or video file.

Time saving is the power full benefits from the gmail with Google drive.

How to Send or Works
At first you have to know about the Google drive:

Now a day many options are available to send large file with other Cloud drive or Data storage
Google Drive : if you have a account with the Gmail then you can use it with the same user name and password of Gmail.
You can login using this link -

Google drive is well-known in e-business because it has a best file management option with easy steps for new users.(easy to understand)

Gmail with Google drive
you have to just follow the below screen shot with easy steps.
Compose a new email which you want to send to your friend with large file,

google-drive-large-attachments in gmail
You can see the icon for to “insert file using Drive”. just tap this icon.
Open small with multiple options

1.You can upload a new file from your hard drive.
2.You can select multiple items by selecting a item from the Google drive
Some of the file like “Audio” and “Video” file aren’t to send from the gmail.

But its will possible to use with google drive. Why?
Because google drive can be able to upload any types of file without any size limitation.

And the gmail directly provide the link from that in the mail compose. Which you want to sent to the target without any doubt or error from the gmail.


But that’s not possible in gmail for that scenario, directly send from gmail.
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