Sunday, March 31, 2013

Download Google crome for Iphone and Ipad free and install

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Apple users can also enjoy Google crome for good and light browsing experience in Ipad and Iphone without any problem from apple store.

To Downlaod and install google crome in IOS powered by apple, Users have to knowledge about installation and download procedure. If you don’t know then don’t wory about.

You have to perform below short steps in your ipad and Iphone with below screen shots.

Minimum System requirement of your device

Ipod and Iphone basically manufactured by apple. But apple provide IOS(Own OS) in apple device. Now running OS version is IOS6. But to install google crome in you IOS, you have to IOS as minimum requirement of google crome which is provide by Apple store.

Surfing and Download Google crome in your Ipad and Iphone

Step 1
When you start your device(ipad and Iphone). You can see apple store icon on top right corner of your home screen.
You can also access apple store through below link provide by knowledge kits -

To can see below image to follow the procedure:-
google crome for Ipad and Iphone -1

Step 2
Before you should download, you have a apple login ID and password(If you don’t have then register quickly its whole free, you don’t have to pay dollar).
After logged in your apple store account you have to search with Google crome.
You can see google crome download page for minimum 17 years old.
google crome for Ipad and Iphone -2

Step 3
Some of the time you can get UNABLE TO DOWNLAOD CROME message appeared in your screen.

But you can solve this by stop or wait background download process and retry again.

Step 4
Once download (18 mb software n size) is completed you have install with double click on it.

Now you can see below image in your screen. Click verification box in popup. Go with accept and Continue blue bottom.
google crome for Ipad and Iphone -3
Download and installation process is completed now you can enjoy with new and user friendly browser with icon on your home screen.

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