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Google drive for sharing Document with your friends: all can change it.

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Google drive one of the best sharing medium to share online document with your friends. To use this drive you don’t have to need setup with your device or external plugins. You can share the latest updates with your partner or group regarding to make project or presentation material.
Google doc wordpress

How to use between groups:

Group works as on permission this option available in google docs. Without permission google doc don’t allow changing but you can just give for viewing purpose.
Three options are available to share document in below.
  1. Public on the web
  2. Anyone with the link
  3. Private
See below screens
Google doc wordpress sheet
Google doc wordpress save

Google doc wordpress sheet
 Sharing between you Group Or particular people with email OR name:
See the below screens:
  1. Public on the web: for choosing this option any one on the web can change in your document.
  2. Anyone with the link : to set this option for users can access with after login your Gmail account.
  3. Private : No one can change and see without You! But if you are using in your group and some target people then you must have to set with this option.

Hit the save button.
Now you can see the invite people box :
Google doc wordpress sheet

Invite particular person:

You can invite your friend with his/her name and MailID also with comma separate.

Group invitation:

You can share with your google group friends with the group name from your google+ account.

Sent message with Email:

All the google Doc for saving you don’t have to do extra process to save file. Its work on auto saving function. So its easy for all google doc users for all time history.
Now a days millions of users are using the google Doc for different propose like presentation- PowerPoint slide, Form (For user onion on public), General Debates, Drawing sheet, and word document also.

Print option available in all docs:

For the entire document google doc also helps to print directly from the open document using prit icon on left side OR Ctr + P option.
Google docs always useful in any condition please use with privacy setting. Don’t put your private document on google Docs. If you are using then keep sequrity.

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