Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Online currency converter and calculator for multiple currencies in Google search

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Google provide best service to convert currency and count in total from two different currencies.
Google have a billions of features are providing in free so Google position is number one at in all time history of search engine .

You can see and follow to count total current of more than two types in a second.

So you have to take exact count in decimal answer with no proportion of money.

Google Currency Converter

Users also use this feature as measurement of long mathematical expression in proper formats for kids.

Google has disclaimer of currency converter “can’t guarantee of exchange rate of different country wise which is used by Google currency converter calculators

But in this scenario interesting things is that “you can put different currency in same country pound and yen but you will get final answer in US Dollar for more probably common between two in single search after run single query fired in Google form your browsers.” Great Google do this in a pulse.

Wolframalpha is on the best site for conversion and measurement mostly for mathematical that Google is not in use.
Google can count days in different format:

You can also count days with year, weeks and, days in week proportion easily in day count calculator.

See blow image to implement it!

Google Date Counter
Other Google service you must to enjoy
Google map :

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Thanks to Google !

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