Monday, July 8, 2013

Secrete of pro blogger: Hoe to find and share unique post

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
This article helps to give idea make more efficient blog at the staring stage of the blogging life. And the reason is that’s pro blogger(Get huge income from blogging). How to write with innovative thinking days to days with considering the below points.
I have read and visit hundreds of blog in different topic and finally I got final conclusion about this post title.
You got exact traffic when you are thinking that’s “How to come beck visited users on my blog in short of time”.
On this think you have to always motivate to the visitors with the commenting in your blog and else popular blog also.
Here I am explaining one by one topic with exact pro blogger point of view. That’s you have to implement in shot of time in your blog and each post also.

Get the topics from readers commenting in your blog or other

If you are worried with to find the fresh topic of title of your post then you have to become regular reader to read comment on sites and blog also.
You got successful result with below points.
  1. You got regular readers of your blog
  2. Your blog register in researcher’s mind in all time
  3. You got the best idea to write a post
If you are giving your readers question then you will become all-rounder in this field also E - business marketing.

Google trends

Google trends become my family in all time cause of such a huge help see below positive points in Google trends
Google trends connect with the google search engine with county wise. You can search with more option to get final result from search option amiable in this service powered by google
You can search with country wise: India, US, UK, Bangladesh, Japan ect..
You can search with Subject wise : Entertainment, Latest technology, News …Ect
Finally you will got hot topics and keyword search by visitors in google search engine.

Read the other blog

You can read top blogs as of your topic and chaises in language complexity and much more criteria. But if you have to got successful result then you have to thought on this point. And follow the other blog’s writing skill and format structure also.

Touch with Quora best topic search

Quora for Blogger

 Now a days India become top traffic source for quora. Cause reason is below

In quora you can search with the topic and got readers by follow the groups.
You can post a new topic and comment in simple click also.
Simple registration with Quora using your gmail configuration and easy to use.
Millions of visitor are now on quora


pinterest for blogge

Pinterest is one of the best search engine optimization for blogger and site master.
For that’s you have to just post your pintrest with good picture post.

Finally conclusion

Commenting on and other blog

Touch with your readers, find blogger friends and read some article daily basis. Use social media site positively.


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