Thursday, July 11, 2013

Top Google adsense earners from India

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

Top Google adsense earners from India

Best Google adsense and adsense publisher celebrating from India who are making thousand of dollars in a single month with positive effort and target to serve the best technology updates and programming, latest new in any type of topic in over the world wide in short of time.

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Most of the technology searchers meet this person on web with his publicity and work towards his blogging. Most of the blogger and master in this list belonging to the technology news explaining one by one with random details. It’s may be change in counting a number don’t mind it.

How to approve adsense in short of time through the YouTube.

Top adsense earner belonging from India

1. Amit Aggarval : Top earner from India through the blogging efforts. Amit Aggarvar started his journey from the since 2004. Amit Aggarval support apart from the blogging to his YouTube channel with best video help any of blogging person.
Apart from his blogging he also works on side project like: Tall Tweets, RSS Search
Adsense Income: $46 000 per month
Page rank: 6
Alexa rank: 2636 in world by US

2. Haresh Aggarval : Second rank in top Indian earner list from the adsense income. Haresh Aggarval person earn huge income also from affiliates apart from the google adsense. Haresh Aggarval accepts the guest post also. Mainly he is writing on SEO technique, Wrodpress customization and Hosting technique.
Adsense income: $11 000 per month
Affiliates income: $6 000 per month
Page rank : 4
Alexa rank in world: 3222
3. Jaspal Singh : jaspal Sing known from his best efforts in blogging, web designing, Technology technique and useful how to Tip.
Adsense Income: $10 000 per month
Page rank: 4

4. Prabhu Desai
Prabhu desai’s blog belong mostly on the business topics and technique. He also writes about education guidance to learning path through his material on different topics and subjects.
Adsense Income: $9 000 per month
Page rank: 5
Alexa rank : 18 926

5. Raju PP:
Raju pp writing about all types of technology and techniques also. His journt was started till 2008 and he also winner in Top 150 Indians in 2011 event.
Adsense Income: $8 000 per month
Page rank: 4
Alexa rank : 16 510
You can check alexa rank through the (not stable figure)
Kindly numbers may be pulse or minus, Reference by @technoupdates


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