Friday, February 8, 2013

Google hangout starts with Google mail | How to connect. | Services of Google hangout

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

Google’s new stuff with Google hangout with connects and starts directly from your Gmail with Gmail logging.

You have to enjoy much more facilities with your network in Friends, collages, family one of the use is business purpose also.

You can see Google hangout in your mail left side of the screen of your pc and Tablate.

 You have to click on that icon which is available each and every Gmail users.

Easy starts from the Gmail account, To understand easily please see the image carefully.

Starts Google hang out Icon in your mail
After that you have to click blue button in popup window of google hangout after that you have to easy installation (It's free and installs in seconds. For Windows XP+, Mac OSX 10.5+, Linux ) process of syncronizatation.

This is one time installation process. After that you should directly started simple clicking on join button.

See below image
Google hangout
You must enjoy the following services provided by Google.
Google hangout start with join
Hangout services
- Invite people as a group of your friends and chat them to each other.

- Share your screen with your friend for demo of your work. You can see remote desktop using screen option.

- Google Drive, one of the most storage of date with more secure. And for long life.

One of the most features is that you can store data in folder wise.

More and more free service and apps for batter visualization and interesting stuff will coming on.

So enjoy with google hangout with extraordinary facility.

Much more facility you can set with yourself with right top corner of the screen.

If you are already connected with microphone and webcam. Than icon of microphone and webcam are unchecked. 


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