Sunday, February 10, 2013

Professional blogger, site master must to do! From yourself …you are doing this

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

Now a day security is the best option for your life in any field of job. Most of the web applications and websites which are running in big market E-commerce and E-market. So each and every owner of the e - business keeps you up to date with time. All the date are very useful for users of this sites and publishers of the site who are publishing the good content after very hard work of data mining.
First thing keep your date beck up on weekly of time to time

How can get backup of data.

All the user friend apps are providing all the facilities from the user’s site. So owner and founder of the site and blogger or Apps can change in a minute with edit and update, remove – Delete process.

Back up of your feed burner subscribers from your site and bloggers.

 Whole process of the get backup of data are continues as under.
Beckup of data or Post

Download Blog

Save in XML

Change yourself time to time.

You have to Learn day to day to good matter which are not know but you get from the other site like design and presentation of explanation and marketing to inform users and
Hungry peoples (finder).

Create a good image with provide good facility with easy search from your blog.

Put Google search box from your blog and site. Search button providing two facilities so, visitors can search from the point from your blog or outside of the blog.

Put feed of the site or blog.
Crete your blog feed and put in your home page.

To create please visit -

Touch with email, users can touch with your blog with daily email updates.

Change of your password with time to time.
Some of the popup (some time popup is not bloc) of add and wrong click done by admin and owner of the blog and site. And so hacker from the other place knows easily. And put in problem with you.

Put a good basic collation in any of the topic.
Explain all the explanation elaborates with topic wise and good sequence.

Reply all users’ comment that have query of this information and technique.
Some of the time, owner of the blog post topic at that time some of the missing point not create so mostly that’s become in technology blog post and application(some of note installed in lower version and higher version) and solution of error(configuration of any apps and working of apps different with different user in any use)

Give your personal information on home page.
            So users can connects physically and mentally in huge market of same type of information in which you are working. 

Easy language must help with example video, chart and diagram.
Diagram in any format, now a day most of the image are animation and visualization effect. So visitors of the site or blog understand easily without audio and video. 

Don’t copy of published and live content. Put your fresh content.
if you have to dream that my site and blog have a good rank(Alexa or Google page rank) in web.
So put your fresh content which is written by yourself after good knowledge of data mining from the World Wide Web, it’s no problem.

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