Thursday, February 7, 2013

Microsoft upcoming surface pro review | Prise and features of surface pro | Application | Software and hardware configuration

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

Microsof surface PRO

Microsoft RT and PRO with Size Difference

One of the best Microsoft’s product which can you buy in just $899 with good stuff, Extra features, easy usage and more sufficient than the others features.

Microsoft has now proving that surface pro looking nice tablate with the extra surface RT.
So its become most power full machine in Windows 8.

Microsoft surface RT has been released earlier now it’s become Microsoft surface Pro with modified version.

Microsoft has been released for business purpose with tablate with easy usage.

Plastic trip is removing from back so difference of thin is 0.5mm in thickness.

Appearance of tablate nothing change but changing in Screen and logo of windows.

Much more change in power tab, Usb port, Volume tab, jack port to listen a sound(head phone port).

Changes in cameras and Displays

Microsoft pro coming with extra features with good stuff.

Pro touch with 4 GB of internal RAM.

1.7GHz Intel Core i5-3317u processor

And inbuilt Intel HD graphics 4000 card

Networking facilities are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, of course, sensible light sensor, accelerometer, compass, high level technology gyroscope.

3g and 4g radios not put users in a alone.

Recording level in video is 720px HD recorder.

Height in inch is 10.6, and 1920 X 768 display that’s in great colors of combination.  

Software support and Performance level in market

Performance related Microsoft product’s always good from any other brand and product.

Microsoft gives best from others and extraordinary, but now days most of the best and good apps in all time history run better in windows 8 powered by Intel processor.

Product also run in good level of testing in form of normal and rough users of that’s products.

In that manner Microsoft surface pro batter stable than the other same types of tablats and iPads.

At last in good and bad points

Good stuff
Fast, consistent performance
Handsome and well-made
Fantastic display

Best stuff
Poor battery life
Heavy and thick
Hard to actually use on your lap

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