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Most Expensive Keyword In Google Search Engine For Higher CPC And SEO - 2014

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Traffic totally depends on keywords which are used in article or post of your website or blog. Here I listed top most expensive keyword for all time to get huge traffic from google search engine on your website or blog. This keyword list also helps to get high paying google adsense ads on your website or blog post.

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Most expensive Keyword - High CPC - traffic - Pageviews
Most expensive Keyword - High CPC - traffic - Pageviews

SEO (Search engine optimization) on most expensive keyword

SEO always find the content quality of your website blog and this come by using higher or most expensive keyword used in your content of blog post or article.

Now you have an idea about importance keyword factor SEO as well as pick higher income from your traffic and more Pageviews by natural traffic by google search engine.

Note: if you are note finding most expensive keyword for your post which in note in below list. Than you can find the keyword related to your post by the

Useful: Find higher or most expensive keyword in free google tools

High paying Keyword
High paying Keyword

Most Expensive Keyword Categories through the CPC cost

If you have no idea about expensive keyword how to define than you can use Google AdWord tools. This tools givers the right and current updated information regarding list or related popular keyword based on monthly search in google search engine reputation and bid amount of this keyword.

Result will be available on selected criteria like list of country, languages act. So you can get accurate keyword for targeted location over worldwide result.

List of Most expensive keyword for your blog or website in google search engine

1. Insurance(CPC : $54.91)
2. Loans(CPC : $44.28)
3. Mortgage(CPC : $47.12)
4. Attorney(CPC : $47.07)
5. Credit(CPC : $36.36)
6. Lawyer(CPC : $42.91)
7. Donate(CPC : $42.05)
8. Degree(CPC : $40.55)
9. Hosting(CPC : $32.91)
10. Claim(CPC : $45.51)
11. Conference Call(CPC : $42.05)
12. Trading(CPC : $33.91)
13. Software(CPC : $36.85)
14. Recovery(CPC : $40.03)
15. Transfer(CPC : $29.25)
16. Gas/ Electricity(CPC : $54.60)
17. Classes(CPC : $35.04)
18. Rehab(CPC : $33.60)
19. Treatment(CPC : $37.15)
20. Cord Blood(CPC : $25.80)

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Key point in Most Expensive Keyword:

Always use most effective keyword for your post by using google AdWord tools. It will be helps to get traffic, online income through the advertisement (Google adsense or other alternatives).

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