Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 best online backlink checker for you | impressive way to create a backlinks for your site and blog?

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
At the starting stge of blogging and website development, number of backlink for your blog and website must be zero. But we know that backlinks is the best way to increase traffic on your website or blog.
Without affort on to create backlinks we never increase that at the basic stage of blogging.
But we can do fater by following some blogging strategy always.
Online BackLink Checker
Online BackLink Checker
In below you can find your website’s correct number of backlinks using the top 5 backlinks checker on online at a time. For that you don’t need registration your self. To check just put your website URL in URL name textbox and hit enter.
If you got more backlinks then you have been achieved best SEO score. Using that you must be collect good visitors in current time or in short of time. It means your blog or website future is bright.

BacklinkWatch is more useful for your blog and website it will helpful to find out the total number of backlinks with incoming oand out going links of your blog. You can also find the total number of inbound and outbound links of perticluler page. It can’t display only number of backlinks but you can also check quality of content using the pagerank count.
You can also see the number links which is connected to your blog or website.

opensiteexplorer also top rated site in list of online backlink checker for your website and blog. Opensiteexplorer gives servie in two different modes with pro and free services. Premium users have to pay for diffrent plan. Pro plan gives daily analysis for the site with listed number of backlinks, Pagerank, Pageviews, ancorlinks act. Using premium plan you got full report of your site in every 15 min time durations.

At the third position of online backlink checker list linkdiagnosis is as popular as compare to above to online backlinks checker tools. Linkdiagnosis also helps to find the SEO perameters.

This one is a free backlink checker online tools that’s gives full report including the SEO peramaters with Number of backlinks, Pagerank ect. Plus point in RankSignals is that you can also analyse number of images and text links on the other same category and different categories websites and blog.
SmallSEOTools come in fifth position of top backlinks checker online. Compare to the other above backlink checker this one is little bit of slow in find the result of website and blog.

Don’t miss to read because this one is best guide for all the blogger and webmaster who are eager to know backlink strategy and techniques: How to create backlinks in easy way?

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