Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Best Way For You To Find The Top Quality Headline Or Title Of The Post

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
At the starting stage of posting in blog and website each and every blogger always find the best title with unique and useful article for your readers to aware awesome topic and subject with top quality title and headline.
Now its will depends on the blogger thoughts about the description or explanation of the new topic. But you can improve your self with below three point set in mind always.

Choose Best Headlines For blog And Website post or article
Choose Best Headlines For blog And Website post or article

Decide on search engine understand easily with perfect meaning or definition

You must understand that serch engine always find the relevant query from search text. For that you have to prepare own self with perfect meaning of your post headline that is most probably search in top level search engine like Google, yahoo, and bang at the starting stage of blogging or best article.
Your post title must be more than 70 characters. Reason behind is that your short title doesn't clear for understand to the search engine at the time search engine ignore your post and finally you don’t receive traffic on your blog or website.

Set your title on your target customer

It will depend on your blog and title of the post. If your blog may be on sport, recruitment, job portal. So always use the correct keyword to write post title about your message and article subject.
Always set most searchable keyword at the starting line of your post title. Suppose if you writing about Nokia mobile then your title line start with “Nokia” keyword.
You can also give short message and keyword at the starting stage and put (-) then give short description line in behind.

Use muscle (Familiar) Word

You can put most powerful word like your, How to, You, Money, Online money, free act. This all the title keyword can help in search engine and your daily blog readers of your blog.

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