Friday, November 1, 2013

How to open more then one gmail account in single browser at time?

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Before some days gmail updates his functionality using that now users can open more number of gmail account any types of like same person, and different person open his/her account at a time in the same browser with out sign Out previously opened account in another tab.
Gmail Tips and Tricks
Gmail Tips and Tricks 

Before this option!

Before that we have to open one gmail account at a time in one browser. After that we can’t open second same or different person account in that browser. If we have to open than first one gmail account must be do sign out or we have to open in another browser.

Where to open!

Google service in Gmail enhance in functionality with add account button at side by Sign Out account option. That’s avalailable in top right corner using dynemic popup. You can see this option in below screens
See - Add Account Button
See - Add Account Button

How it will useful?

Using these types of service user can update more than one account at a time with out open your diffrenet gmailID in different browser.

Steps for Open more than one Gmail Account in Same Browser

1. Open gmail account
See the below screen,
2. Press add account button
When you press add account button than you can see gmail login screen in new tab. Using that tab you can access second account. For third you have to follow same procedure as follow in second account.

See - Add Account Option
See - Add Account Option

3. You can see account details which is opened under the past one gmail account under the account details tab see in below.
See - New Gmail Account under Old account
See - New Gmail Account under Old account
Now you have no more action like signout opened gmail account to open more than one gmail account at a time in the same browser.
After that don’t forget to sign out all the account one by one. Cause possibility of forget to close account more cascading account which are opened in the same browser.

If you forget then you can also logout your gmail account on the ramote computer. See below link
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