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How to choose free OR pro webhost? Step by step guide for beginners.

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
For the newbie it’s the first experience to host own website on remote hosting server. For that you have know some basic function and criteria to host your site on remote server.

Before that you have learnt some experienced matter only read and understand. So far its correct article for you and your friends who are interested your own website, blog and wordpress on website hosting site.
For the perfect website beginners always go with premium hosting service. Many reasons are available in behind to choose this correct decision.

How to choose web hosting sites

List of advantages to select the premium webhost plan

Free email service – EmailID on your domain
No advertisement
Huge traffic generation
FTP access: You can menage your website through FTP software with security and fast upload process.
Free website building tools
Number of free domain registration – depends on your plan
Firewall protection – Protect your site from virus and malware
If you are interested in free hosting sites then please read
You can get direct link of free number hosting sites with full proof advantages and disadvantages. If you are agree with us then click on below link
If you are interested in premium hosting service then read

Client reaction

If you are selecting any one hosting service, it may by free or pro host. Please read the users review before implement your site on selected host. Cause user always gives personal impact on webhosting site. Any finally customer is happy of hosting service and trouble shooter problem then please go by through.
Don’t forget to read about pro hosting service: Bluehost, Hostgator and Dreamhost

Technical help

Power pack point to choose the best hosting site is the technical help. If you are selecting the hosting site for your website through this point on high priority. Then it’s one of the most influential strategy to implement your website or blog and wordpress on live.
Please ready helpful article: How to upload your website through the FTP
Types Technical SupportCall support 24 x 7
Email services
Messaging services when you are out of reach.
Solve your technical problem 1 to 2 Hr max
Maintenance support in shot of duration

Website Hosting features

Hosting features is including the basic criteria to run your site with smoothly with high speed load on browser. Now this time for free hosting give up to 5GB to set your website on file manager. Bandwidth allocation for your site gives up to 50 GB max.
But this entire number can you increase by selecting compare plan in pro hosting sites.

Website hosting support

If you are building your site may be any one of them: like PHP, MySql, Golive, Flash, and Dreamviewer ect. For that particular building stage you have to check what types of tools which are helps in SEO and GUI (Good Look and feel). And all the tools are available in these hosting sites. After that you have to choose best sate to publish you site on host.

If you are saying about free webhosting sites and technique then put your comment in below comment box. For more webhosting tutorial and SEO tool please touch with US.

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  1. I would like to thank for giving these all guidelines about how to choose free or pro web host. These all guidelines will help to beginner. In my personal opinion, all begginers should get the premium web hosting because they protect your site from virus and malware.