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List of free web hosting sites and Companies for website, blog and wordpress

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Free Blog,WordPress and website hosting using list of free hosting sites

The majority of the professional never use free webhosting. But you can do for testing purpose and more. Different free website hosting sites are available for different language built site and wordpress site also. If you are growing more at the starting stage of blogging and wordpress hosting then I will recommend for help to choose best webhost stage at low cost.

How to choose best pro webhosting companies for my website?

Free website hosting on free hosting sites
Free website hosting on free hosting sites
I bring up a list of some useful free webhosting site with chunk of some positive and negative mark. Although if you are interested to choose the best free webhosting plan after notice some negative point then read the below points to select the best free hosting site in absolutely in free of cost and no advertisement of your hosted website or blog.

  • Storage space and bandwidth allocation
If your site is getting a huge traffic then your bandwidth is more as of visitors. Then you have to find the largest bandwidth allocating webhosting site. Most of the free webhosting gives 80 to 100 GB of bandwidth allocation.

000Webhost :
000Webhost gives 500mb data storage for publishing your website and blog.
Bandwidth in below 100 GB.
Supported OS is PHP and Database MySql.
Free in advertisement and FTP supported
You can access your account instantly after confirmation email.

Zymic suggest the best reliability in storage and in website or increase blog performance.
Website data storage capacity up to: 5 GB
Bandwidth flexibility: 50 GB
You can upload your site using FTP also.
No any ad network on your website.
Database: MySql

110MB Hosting

110MB hosting provide less flexibility but it known for its service and security.
Website data storage up to 5 GB.
Bandwidth allocation on one account is 1 GB
Supported OS and Database is PHP 5, MySql
Get sub domain in free
No advertisement
Directly access through the FTP access.

Sitefree is much more flexible in bandwidth allocation per account then the other free webhosting sites and companies.
Sitefree give up to 7 GB bandwidth (Data transfer) stiffness.
Website data space up to 7GB
Supported OS : PHP and, Database OS : MySql
You can host your own domain as primary domain. Sitefree also give own domain in free.
Website accessible through the FTP.

Best and last one webhosting service which is more controlling then the list of other webhosting service.
YourFreeHosting gives the entire feature like host your own domain Or through the free domain.
Hosting space up to 5GB
Bandwidth upto 50GB
You can use to host your website or blog through the FTP and File menage also. It also give easy to access panel for ménage your site easily.
It also gives phone and chatting support in 24 x 7.
Advertisement free
For more hosting suggestion please put your speak in below comment box.

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