Friday, September 6, 2013

Value of outbound links for seo friendly blog and website

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
seo tips – if you are finding the importance of outbound links of your blog or Website Or wordpress blog then please read the blow points carefully.
Most of the seo expert always fined the server hits regularly on your website and blog
You can easily attempt this tips from here: how to get becklinks in easy. But you can though about external links and how to increase this number with your blog or websites. Before that’s you have to learn basic.
Outbound links

Outbound links? OR External links? OR Outgoing links?

Outbound links is the link which is target to other sites from your site and blog through the blogpost and commenting.
Outbound link in server’s point of view : Server always find the site with the category. If your site target to the same category site then server can easily understand your site category and put in this search category its also helps to increase your pageviews and pagerank. And these are the key factor of SEO importance.

You can make also your site trusted site in server’s algorithm.
• Meet the new visitors
• Make your blog and Website clearer in search engine point of view
• Though with the new blogger having the same niche
• Get more incoming links

You can find you related your blog and website niche through the google blog search:

Drawbacks of Outbound links

If you are using more outbound links in your blog post and article. Your readers navigate the target link and visiting other reference domain. Then you can lose your visitors and decrease a page view also. So be careful about that. If you are avoiding copyright difficulty then you can put link of reference site.
IF you are finding my site and blog contain copyright material or not then please refer below links : How much my site contain copyright material?

How to use Outbound links

You can consider outbound link as a reference site, if you done this job then you can improve your post content with join highly recommended blog or Website. It’s helpful to get huge natural traffic on both blog.
Build better community through the same niche blog and blog post in a website. If you are agreed with me then put your precious comment in below comment box.
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