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How to open (CMD) Command prompt from windows 8 | Easy steps – with more option

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For the newbie of windows 8 operating is more difficult than the other OS(Windows 7 and Xp) till that days.

Microsoft launch windows 8 with new design and users interface for professionals.

Some of the user apps open through CMD directly with easy type in command prompt (MS DOS).

Command Prompt (Also called MS DOS) is the root of the windows operating method. Some of the commands more powerful from the CMD. Using its users can more compatible with accessing program of fire event more easily.

If you have more than one account then you have to operate as a administrator.

Suppose we have to format a USB drive with totally clean, see the ipaddress, MAC address and more (you have to type “ipconfig”)

1.Open from Windows 8 start menu

  • Open the menu bar with mouse hover on right side and you will get start menu items with search option.
  • Type CMD in search box.
  • You can see the result in left side with black icon “same as icon in windows 7 or XP”
  • Hit the click and enjoy.
See the below image –

Open Command Prompt In windows-8

Run as a administrator.
Right click on icon and select “Run as a administrator” and you will got perfect result after fire command from the CMD.

2.Open through the folder – System 32

You can open from the C drive as a system drive – Folder option
Please follow the below easy steps :

  • Open my computer after tap the present icon on your desktop
  • Go to folder System 32 – C://Windows/System32
  • You will find CMD.exe file.

CMD from Windows32

To open CMD from the folder, hit the CMD.exe file.
For easy shortcut you can put as pin this program with right click.

3.Using Run Command

This is the last one and most use full method to access (MS DOS) Command Prompt.
Please click with shortcut key from the keyboard : windows + R (Windows key + R)
You can find the run popup. Open CMD with typing “cmd” in text box.

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  1. Thanks for you nice information. I followed your steps then i checked my internal ip address. I have checked my external ip address from this site .