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Now users can search with more option from search tools – available in Google home page

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Google make more powerful search using search tools option in Google

Google easy search
Now Google give latest news with more option with Google search option. That can set by users with, globally or locally, latest news with time, results category.

This article gives full information and use of search tool in Google search engine.

Search tools give main option like “The Web”, “Any time”, ”All Result”, “Name of location”
Can set by visitors and got more power full results from the web easily.

1.The Web 

All Result

Any time


This option gives two more option “The web” and “Pages from India”. The web is use full at that time users should search in globally. And second one option for users own country.

2.Any Time

This option gives fresh content with list of time option on web.
Basically this time count how much old the content after publishing the content in sites.
In this option user can search in between past hour to past year.

3.All results

This for types of content, some of the time we try to find best apps but we get description and much more apart from the apps. That can be solve by all result option.

Visited page and Not yet visited page option is more power full for users cause of when ever user get not find your requirement from top 10 to 20 sites at that time users can set Not yet visited. Now search page display only not visited page means fresh page. He/she not seen or visited till that time.

All result option is more power full and use full then the others for the search engine.


Set you prefer location apart from you local region to other country as of your alternative.

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