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Best ways to increase facebook fan page like days to days : most Popular ways

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This article based on social networking site : How To Increase Face book Page Like Suddenly

But one of the most popular sites in short time history, Facebook become one of the most familiar site with child to elder.

Now a day’s Facebook use as a friend finder, promotion, marketing, business, and much more.

In this entire factor we can share something in huge amount of crowd using the fan page. That means Facebook page.
Facebook provide no boundation to create number of page with different name per user login.

And its free for all time.

Steps to increase like on Facebook page:

1.Site master

  • All the blogger and site master have to create a Facebook widget, and put in a side bar. That’s display number of likes and group name to connect this page.
  • Facebook developers help to create a Facebook fan like widget: here
  • Different types of Facebook plugins available as of user’s requirement.
  • You can also use Facebook popup at moment of users visits first time.

2.Invite all friends at once

  • Invite friend is the built in option available in page. So only admin can invite all the friends which are present in account.

See below :
Go on your page > open admin module > invites friends under the Build advance option > now you can search your friends and invite at a time.
Invite-Friends from admin

3.Invite all friends at once through your E -Mail

  • You can invites on multiple emails with same time at currently presents in your mail box.
  • Don’t worry, if your mail account in other Gmail service like redif, being, outlook , linked in , apart from the Gmail and yahoo. At that time you can use “other email services” or “Other Tools” provide by facebook.
  • In this procedure you have to download all emails contact in CSV [Excel] file.

Invite Facebook Friends at once using Email

4. Apply more admin option

  • You can give more than one person as a admin of any private page. at the end of the result you can receive more friend from different admin who has invite particular account.

See in below Screen:
Facebook Admin

Facebook More Admin

5. Share something new on your page

  • You can put interesting story and slogan picture in your page. that’s can helps to increase creativity level at the starting stage.

6. Share post in other group

  • After put post in your page, after end you can share this post on other group from the page post.

7. Fix attractive photo as a cover photo

  • Cover photo help to encourage new like through the new visitors.

8. Include facebook page URL in your signature

  • You creativity met a once with the signature as result your fan can meet through your signature. You can put at the end of the post, and mail, on your blog.

9. Take Help to the other social media

  • At short period of time, You can share your facebook page on linkedin, Google+ , orkoot, ect

10. Create a attractive and easy to remember URL

11. Share your page with Twitter

  • Put your page url in you picture post,
  • Share you page on your twitter account directly with your tweets.

12. Create fecebook add : Paid facebook adds

  • Facebook provide a add functionality with the page you have to pay on location and number of targer users. you have see your page.
  • In this procedure you have to select target users to get efficient result.

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