Thursday, February 14, 2013

What is the Alexa rank of blog? For new Bloggers. How to increase it potentially?

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

At the learning stage of blogging, the new comers have to know about alexa rank. 

Definition of alexa rank is that in simple terms “give percentage of value after calculating the whole parameters which depends on traffic rank, total number of Page views in percentage, number of page views per users, Bounce in percentage, time on site all the data on month wise using algorithm run with all this parameter

Alexa traffic rank provide traffic rank of particular site included blogger and word press blog from all over the world and country wise also. 

Each professional blogger want increase Alexa rank increase potentially with hard working on some criteria’s that all professionals and successful blogger must have to know and run with this path.

Put your site link in below search box

Alexa Search Box

Face Book Status on

If you are achieving good alexa rank than you have to do hard works with sleepless night  than you have to how to attract alexa rank to the visitors of the site.

Result is that, you can become successful bloggers.

All this done with attractive alexa ranking.
Some of the bloggers has a question about that site has good traffic but alexa rank is not good. Reason is that alexa algorithm is working when alexa toolbar installed in browser when our site is running.

After installed toolbar than good alexa rank can achieve day by day with new posting and update time to time.

Go with login and register your site in
1.      First stapes of registration is that fill all the details with required fields.

2.      Second stapes of registration is that claim your site

Alexa provide alexa ID that’s working on your site after putting in to head of the site. For the purpose of the track is properly and very well. It will help to increase your site rank and traffic also.

 Installed alexa toolbar in your browser that updates your site directly with alexa algorithm that’s helpful.

Quality content:
Quality content is big point of the all bloggers and you have a unique content with good explain nation. That’s helps to increase page rank, page view of per visitors, how much time is spent on your blog.

Put review of alexa on your blog and link to…
You must to write short and use full articles based on alxea rank and use of alexa. After that gives that link to alexa.

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