Monday, May 20, 2013

Best screen recorder for windows 7 and Windows 8, vista in free with serial key

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
This article helps to record your screen with windows 7 and windows 8 OS. You can also learn how we can capture video of screen in different capturing techniques.

screen recorder For windows and Mac
For blogger and site master need to learnt this technique to explain topic and use full complex thing easily with video capturing.

BSR Screen Recorder :  With Crack

You can see all information regarding to the software’s here:

See below video for Best Understand

Why we capture video

Video can help to understand 10 times more than the read the story or techniques for new users and implementers.
This type of technique doesn’t move your visitor with expectable information in different technique.

How to capture video
You can learn all the advance and easy features with BSR user manual. That’s available in downloaded attachment in pdf format.

Some of the best features :

Click the region and get zooming video of the region

- At the runtime you have to tap F9 for zoom particular region and F10 for Zoom out and capture full screen mode.

Main Interface

Video Source: Full screen, A region, A window, Picture – Picture, Auto pan Act option..
Video Converter
Movie Studio
  1. Add audio, Mix Audio
  2. Extract some video part, Sound, and Picture
  3. Join two video
  4. Create a video from picture album
  5. Auto synchronize audio and video
  6. Resample of audio file

Photo Studio

Movie lab

  1. Add texts
  2. Add picture and video
  3. Add external video
  4. Add different action and transference with
  5. Add highlight and transitions

What things to be remember?

In the process of video capturing you have to remember list of below things
Don’t put password in text mode, so secure document should be close before the screen record will start.
Close your Email account and different social networking account.
Display only necessary thing to
Installation procedure

You can download from here:

Extract the folder in your hard drive
1. Install BSR_v5Vista7 :
2. Install BSR_v5Xp :
3. Serial – license key for software


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