Friday, May 17, 2013

How to crate successful blog to make money online

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Now a day’s users are putting a millions of blog form the available online tools to create successful blog in free.

I hope you got well details from this article “How to create successful blog from the best blogging technique on that day’s”

How to create success full blog
So you have to follow the strategically path and maintain in your blogging life. In the simple way blogging is the technique and technology. But for the newbie or non experienced person in this fields don’t apply this technique.

But the first impression is the last impression. Don’t mind it but you can get necessary points to be remembering through this article.

You can apply advertizing on your blog and earns money through the blog. List of advertizing network available in below links:

Google adsense – best network for advertizing

Other affiliates apart from the google adsence – other stage of advertizing

You have to remember the following things

Professional blogger and site master must know : click to get
Chose the best domain: how to chose best domain name

- How to registers your domain name on godaddy and apply in single days [My Experience]
Trace your visitors and put content based on your target traffic – you can see the traffic at the first week from google analytics
Speed up your alexa rank days to days

Put in your home page with compulsory things

  1. Link your site with the about page
  2. Put google search box : built in tools available in blogger widget
  3. Displays fix number post with title per page with page number
  4. Put popular post widget
  5. Put recent post widget
  6. Put related post widget
  7. Post tab cloud for random pick by category
  8. Put your blog’s partners to create back links: how to create beck links in easy way
  9. Email and RSS subscription link also
  10. Social media button to share post on visitor’s timeline: list of social networking sites
  11. Public email address - To support the visitors and frequent ask question, problem related to your blog also.
  12. Choose attractive points

Create the community:

Shared the story of your blog on friendly blog, and connect with them. That’s can helps to create a beck links also.
How to create beck links suddenly: number of strategy and planning points


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