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Hard disk partitioning in windows7 and windows 8 | Step by Step guide

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Hard disk partitioning is the best way to manage computer files and space to store any data without format any of the drive. Most of the users choose drive C for installation any of the software and windows installation. Cause of the occupy more space compare to the other software but some of the time, drive C is smaller than the other drive but we can change the size without formatting and any of the data lost.
Create a partitioning in external hard drive : at some of the points users can add another hard drive as a external hard drive.

Disk Management
Most of the external hard drive is big in space and data storage capacity. But you can convert in to small partitioning through the below steps.

You can also partitioning the hard drive in windows XP/Vista/7 and 8 to create the partitioning the data.
After the C drive completely full, users have choose any of the below solution.
1. Enhance the size of the Drive
2. Make another Drive to install and of the other software installation.
Note for security reason: Before any of the operation done with the drive users have to take backup of the all data.

See below visualize impact in below video..

How can partitioning the hard drive in any of the Drives | Step by Step

You can partition the drive from the Disk Management. You can go through the below two different methods.

Step 1

Method 1
1. Right click ‘My Computer’ icon from the start menu.
Select the ‘Manage’ tag in right click
Method 2

2. From the ‘Administrative tools’, through ‘Start menu’
Type in the search textbox with the Administrative tools
Select the “computer management

Step 2

With the both process you have meet at the same point: “Computer Management”
Now you have to click on the ‘Disk Management’ under the ‘Storage’ tab.
You can watch the below screen shot with the number of disk drives in detail and graphical representation.
In details: Layout, Type, File Format, Status of the drive
In graphics: you can part in Dark Blue shade and Light blue shade in disk group.

Process to Start Partitioning:

1. Select the disk partitioning, right click on that
2. Tap the “shrink volume” option.
- You can see total space of the disk
- Available free size to make another part from that’s
- Enter Size to make your drive – its decide your new partitions size.

To create 1GB = put ‘1024’
To create 2GB = put ‘2 x 1024’ = 2048
So on…

Finally tap the Shrink button in the Popup.


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