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How to disable or stop Face book notification sound turn off

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
face book notifications sound turn off or disable option is available in face book account settings option.

Turn off Facebook chat sound 

face book expand the facility to stop chat sound for perticuler people who may be a new annoying face.

Now you can also some of the selected friends notification sound from your friend list. As well as you can start notification sound from your friends list.

Last option available for all the friends to stop notification sound on new notification or chat messages.
This helps in a minutes see below steps to configure in your account.

See the below video to stop notification sound in two different ways:

Turn Off Notification sound: for particular friends | for all friends

1. Move on below right corner of the screen and hit the “Small wheel icon” . At a moment you can see small popup with sound chat option ans advance setting option see in below screen
Settings option

2. By click on advanced chat Settings : you can set notification sound with three option for batter experience

1. Turn on chat for all friends excepts
     - This option only for you can chat sound on for particular friends which you entered with name.
2. Turn on chat for only some friends
3. Turn off chat for all
    - This option doesn’t give any option for friends selection . you can stop for all friends from your notification.

Another option :

Second option available on account setting option under the small wheel icon from the top blue ribbon, see in below picture

You have to follow the below screens step by steps :

  1. Account Settings
  2. Select “Notification” option from the right menu
  3. How to get Notifications : On facebook, Email, Push notification, Text notification

Setting option from top ribbon
Disable or Enable chat sound
Select for chat sound off or on
Select “on facebook” for chat and notification sound
Checked checkbox: you can get notification sound
UN checked checkbox: stop the notification sound

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