Sunday, April 14, 2013

Page rank change for blogger and webmaster: time to time, why?

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Page rank is one of the most powerful parts for any newbie webmaster and blogger.

This article based on how to get high page rank, how to maintain the page rank, in days to day basis.
Google-PageRank sharply
Most of the webmaster and blogger are interested to increase the page rank over time. To archive the good page rank each blogger consider below point with some mismatch behavior with own blog.

Page rank is the impression of blog to attract the new visitors and create lifetime connectivity with the unknown visitors.

First thing is that each blogger have to learn from the other blogger which are more reliable on web with page rank and alexa rank also.

Key word density of blog

Search engine mostly work with the key word from the other factor. Keywords directly follow to the posting. At the starting stage of the blogger, search engine find the best cloud keyword from the blog. And logically connect this keyword to the domain of the blog.

Page rank is good for this keyword.

When the users are searching with the same keyword from the search engine and get the result on the basis of the higher page rank from the thousands of the other blogs or sites.

In the below video Matt Cutts presents : how to get excellent page rank from the Google search engine.

See the video and take certain decision in quick time.

-Create more content and articles based on the same topic so it will help you.

-Create a more and more beck link actively in time to time

How to create a beck link, How to increase sharply, how it’s helpful

-Share your content with the social media sites.

How to share with SM sites, List of Social media sites, Top social media sites on web

-Maintain content quality

Create simple and attractive formats for post and maintain it.
Put the heading in h1 tag
Highlight more useful keywords in h2 tag
Maintain the honest quality of keyword
Put some bold and italic part from the article that’s helps to highlight and visitors can focus in easy way.

Add video and photo to suggest the users in short of time.

- Remove the other site link from your blog or site.

- Remove non commercial advertisement


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