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What is Google adsense and How its work? Now

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Google adsense is the advertizing program started by Google since june 18, 2003. Basically Google adsense works with the ad banner in different formats like text, image, Video and flash formats.

Adsense How ?

Google care Google adsense with the advertizing program with Google ad words and adsense.

Google can make huge amount (30% of the total revenue) of commission in this two program.

Google adsense : it’s hire the add publishers

Google adwords : it’s hire the add advertiser

Google adwords is the source of the adsense to generate income.

Google is become medium to meet the best advertisers and publishers to get valuable marketing in worldwide.

Google adsense reflect on other factor like geographic location, website content and much more. Google also give more opportunity to select this factor to the web publishers to get valuable marketing in short of time.

Google adsence make three effective changes in his historical past 10 years to make impressive adsense program.

In 2005 – Adsense earned 15 percent of the total revenues.
In 2009 – add new features with collaborating with the other numbers of networks to display ads
In 2010 – To make more significant ads, with the contextual matching.

Main type in Adsense

Adsense give option to the publishers and advertisers with the verity of promotion stage like –

Adsense for content – Adsense for content basically works with the content of the publisher’s site, in this type google including the text, images, animated pictures, flash, and Video.

Adsense make ads target for valuable ads after considering the below point of the ad network –

CPC – It’s measure cost per visitors click on the ad

CPM - It’s for to count impression of the ad in region and content wise.

Adsense for feed –
This types of service has been shutting down by the Google adsense since 2012.

Adsense for search –
Adsence for the search in most valuable for the Google cause its make more benefits to the google with the 51% of the advertising revenue it makes from those searches with the website owner.

Adsense for mobile – 
Mobile are the main factor for the google adsense. Its make more valuable.

For the mobile google adsense has been matches with the content of the site or blog with other mobile OS and Mobile web application.

Adsense for video – 
You tube video is the medium to display the add on uploaded video by owner.

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