Sunday, April 14, 2013

Video converter: using VLC media player | Mp3 | MP4

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
VLC media player is able to convert video from one format to multiple formats like Mp3, Mp4, MKV, …12 others formats are available.

Now most of the user have to do same job (converting video) using the software that’s available in thousand of number on online and offline mode.

In this case User has to download converter and install it in system. That’s become why?

-Users have don’t know about a vlc power in video streaming and all features.

You can see all features of VLC media player in short of time. Kindly stay touch with US!

Why we converting video?

Mostly users are converting the video in other format cause of mobile supporting formats.
Some of the branded mobile support only high quality video formats like MKV,MP4 that’s not supported to 3Gp(Lower quality format).

Some of the video are not watchable so users can convert the videos just in MP3 format.

In VLC media player 5 to 6 format are given to convert from video to audio.

If you don’t get how to convert video using VLC media player then see the below video.

You can also use below screen shot helps to guide

Step 1

Convert Video Using VLC
Open the video in VLC media player.
Media > Convert/save] you can see one small popup in your screen.
You can also convert video from the Disk drive, Network, and Capture Device given in popup in upper tab.
Add video path using Add button given in popup.

Step 2

Convert Video Using VLC

Step 3

Convert Video Using VLC
In upper image you have to select the target option for to save in your hard drive.

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