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How to install plug-in in word press | Step by Step Guide

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Plug-in installation is the basic think for any of newbie blogger. With plug-in you can feel better for you blog in design, features and performance wise.

Now you have to install plugins in your blog with two different ways:-
1.Install word press plug-in using inbuilt features in dashboard. That’s can directly help and affect on you blog with first checkout.
2.And the second one option for own hosted blogger : using FTP

Blogger have to upload a plugins in remote server where hosted your blog. Through FTP.

Option 1 : How to install word press plug in from dashboard?

Using WordPress Dashboard (Home screen of your WordPress) blogger can be upload plug-in directly through the login from WordPress and users also can search pre-installed plugin, install new one with clicked plug-in > Add new

You can see WordPress optimize plug-in in below screen shots. You can get more information with clicked on Details.

WordPress Plugin Search and Install

If you have to trust on the correct plug-in you have to find then you don’t have to check details and installed, then tap the install and active the plug-in as show in below image.

WordPress Plugin

Find the new Plugins from other source

You can also search latest and new plug-in from the other source from the professional WordPress plugins library option.
You can download from there and upload with the brows option.

Note: you must be remember WordPress accept only .zip file of the plug-in and new theme folder.

And the last one step is that: you have to checkout that’s working or not! [Without any exception fired]

Option 2 : How to install word press plug in using FTP?

Why we use FTP ?
FTP is file transfer protocol. That means it helps to transfer file from one place to server by remotely.

Now FTP software are available to transfer file in this manner:
1.Filezilla :
[For windows, Linux, and other OS]
2.Cpanel : CPanel
Using this method you have to install plug-in with unzip folder under the Wordpress dashboard and activate the plug-in.

This method can be helpful with Wordpress server restriction for some restricted plug-in by Wordpress.

In my opinion, FTP method is the best then the dashboard. If you have any query regarding to the Plugins installation than put you comment in below comment box.

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