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Create a New Blog - How to create personal and business blog free | Earn money

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Create a New Blog for newbie with personal and business purpose in free through easy steps.

This article totally base on create an attractive blog in free using BlogSpot or Wordpress.

BlogSpot : BlogSpot was powered by the Google, to crate free blog

Wordpress: Wordpress give more features to create a attractive blog in free with 200+ different design and thousands of creative functionality.

But on my personal opinion blogger has too much simple and easy steps to create a successful blog with all basic points for to create blog.

Why we need to create a blog?

To get huge popularity in easy way – To create a blog and promoting on the web, where billion of people meet at one place.

Create e-contacts with blog share something on blog in front of the huge crowed.

To create blog using blogger [Step by Step guide]…Let’s Start

1.Go on
2.If you have a Gmail account then you can get login using it.

I don’t have a Gmail account:-

  1. Create a new account using Signup Button on upper right corner.
  2. Fill all the personal data with true information
  3. Go next steps and follow the simple steps.

If you have any query then refer the below image.

Create a New Account

Blogger Deshboard

3.Now you will able to create more then one blog in single account using “New blog” button.
  • To solve any query please see below video tutorial.

  1. First of all set your goal with selecting topic of your blog. On which basis you want to create a blog.On my opinion, users must to create a blog with full of information have.

Like : cricket, Any sports, Photography, Health, News, Technology, Programming
     2.Put you blog address in address fill with

How to choose a best domain name: Usefully Guide Don ‘miss | at list one time refer


You can also create a blog on your domain name : register with your domain .com | .org | .in | .net


In future you can change you domain name but you can lose visitor and friend after change blog name.

So select easy and best name for you blog at the starting stage of blog.

Earn money from blog

Google adsense helps to earn money from your blog after creating a some popular article (30 - 50)

What is Google adsense And How it works !!

Second : Wordpress

- Please refer to create a blog using wordpress

- Install plugins in wordpress
You can applying using “Earning“ tab in you blog dashboard.
For any queries, do feel free to get in touch with us by emailing to and we will be glad to help you.



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