Monday, March 11, 2013

List of things the new blogger must be follow for batter blogging

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
If you are new blogger then you have to read all things and follow this path with no option for professionalblogger to manage own blog.

Blogging has fit path to expand users in web. that’s means some of the common job has to be done at the learning stage of blogging. 
Shareing your blog on right way

Chose best domain name easy to remember: [How to choosebest domain name for my site and blog]

Chose best graphic design as of your blogging topic : [Tips for good looksafter design best ]

Crate a motivate page, social networking page, describe your aim, future commitment, usages of own blog, to visitors and writer of your blog, recent article, about Us, privacy and disclaimer page, use feed burner (mail service that’s can active after subscribing your blog lovers), put main page (at top menu of the page), for daily visitors. That means got all feeling to connect as a user at fist visits of blog.

Put contact us page
This page helps as of day by day. That means you can create social networking page for your blog. Using this form with simple field like name of candidates, email address for contact, apart from that at the income view it can create contact with publishers who want to put premium ad forfixed size of advertise formats.

About US page [You can put in About Us page]
 You can create a virtual image in readers mind after read philosophy of personal life and apart from life.
Thousands of successful blogger has to put commitment to create a image on web and social medias as a key.

Each blogger has to know about visitor’s and reader’s
Power of the blog is the content that helps to in future that’s also make visitor to readers.
Visitors in blogging is the “any person reach your blog through your promotion and search engine like Google, yahoo,bing ect”
Readers in blogging is the “once any person came as visitors and got more knowledge about searching topic after that’s he/she become a readers”
Readers help to maintain your traffic days to day. But visitors can increase you blog traffic day to night.

Achievements in your life through blogging (inspiration matters)
Some of the blogger has good passion at the starting stage of blogging but it’s may be decrease day by day. That it will kill your visitors and the end.

Full and the true intro about yourself
Some of the blogger don’t put itself on the web. Its verity of reason about that. So as of my opinion don’t be afraid from that and growing to you at the end.

Social media strategy to promote your site in web crowd
Now a day number of social media potential stages. which are available to promote your side in people cloud. Face book andtwitter is one of them.

You can learn from that : blogger’s job how to impress your readers
If you are increasing your readers that mean you have to learn day by day with extra stuff that’s helpful to you in content writing.
Some of the topic: motivational sorties
Find the new topic
Touch with technology
Reading a marketing books and newspapers

Best of luck for your hard work and god bless you!!!!!!
Kindly touch with US!
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