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How to create animated picture(GIF) or album online free as of user requirement

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
This article based on animated picture, how to create picture in free as of your users requirement?

Animated Picture

Now a day’s animated picture are more attractive then the simple picture in any sector of social networks,  marketing, andweb application.

Good thing of this types of picture is that unknown visitor are moving news updating and new upcoming feature ect.. What you want to share among the people.

You can create animated albums from multiple photos in free as of your adjustment and delay of time which you want.

Photo shop also eligible to make any types of photo and now that’s available for ipad, iphone, tablate and mobile also and sharing is also possible on social networking sites at a time.

Google glass the best innovation by Google : [click to know]

Move on online picture editor: [clickhere to start for create

You can create animated video and picture with predefined tab given that (you can see picture below): 

For Video
-          You have to submit(past) url which is online, and that you should to include in your video
For Image
-          Upload image from your device in hard drive.

Now you can change at a time in sequence if image with any time before finalize your image submit or download.

You can change the below features,

Delay : you can give time period of change picture from one to another.
Width : Width of your image
Hight :  Height of your image
Quality : You can create a good quality pictures.
Title of your album: Name of your picture
Tags: names from belong the image


Click on ‘Generate GIF’ button. Save the image that’s show in below picture.

Its fully free of cost or without registration, you don’t have to pay in $$$$.

Enjoy friends !

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