Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Increase readers using stumbleUpon for your blogger. How ? And Why?

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Stumbleupon is the best social media site to promote you story and article and news between large crowds.
Work with stumbleupon

You can enjoy free service from stumbleupon as a blogger to share something with your friends.

Now a bay blogger are included best sharing list of social networking site for your blog and site. It’s really worked as webmaster and promotional medium for create beck link to your site and blogger.

Some of the blogger has already registered but don’t get how to use in right way for blogging.

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In the sense stumbleupon has a verity of category of article which you want to interest and share with them.

 For you have to follow the below procedure with simple stapes
if you are registers with stumbleupon then you don’t have to register.

Add small logo (icon) of stumbleupon? How to add?
You and your friend and visitors must share your good and knowledgeable blogger post on stumpbeupon using this icon.
That’s means readers also help to share you blog on web and media as batter SEO tool.

Hoe to work stumbleupon? And How to use?
Stumble upon works with chain (Referral) process and all the referents don’t following the same place with the dummy friends.

So terms of service says that this types of page can go in spam place.

Write a good content for people looking for readable and can share it. Content is the main power of any blogger that’s works with social networking site like face book, twitter, and dig ect…

Stumle Upon is one of the best data warehouse to find the topic as a writer and for the readers. Community also want unique article from our site so put you best article as you select your best 5 category and share as topic wise.

 But you can’t share this post again and again. You have to put icon on your page as social media bookmark. Using that visitor can share your post in his/her profile.
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Best of luck for your hard work and god bless you!!!!!!

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