Monday, April 1, 2013

How to type Indian rupee symbol without shortcut key | Font for Indian rupee symbol

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
In past year Indian rupee symbol updating declare by government of India. And the symbol is very important for the Indian public to type in e- bill, Soft copy, Type of letters.

Indian Rupee Symbol
But now a days keyboard’s shortcut is available with Indian rupee symbol.

So users don’t have to install font and setting to type a symbol. Just tap the key and get the result in document.

But professional users in a business are using symbol as currency code for India.

But you are curious about to know. How to use within my system without any extra hardware.

And its created by foradian Technologies private limited which is located in Mangalore.

You have to follow some short and easy steps, See below

1.Just go on below link to download(Small file – 59.6kb) and install the symbol

2.Now you have to downloaded (.ttf) file in your hard drive. Double click on file and you can get below screen shot and Video (Configuration with Microsoft office word).

Indian Rupees -1

3.To get starting to use with installation, and press the [ ~ ] key. Which are available in your key board over the Tab key and below the ESC key.
Key to type a symbol
4.Just press this key only in your document and you get the success full result.

For other users like Mac and Linux users can be proceed with the below video tutorial.

Thanks if you have any query regarding to the installation and use then put the comment, You get instant solution from knowledgekites.

Best of luck..

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