Thursday, March 14, 2013

Convert Gmail Email with PDF format | How to save Email in PDF format in your computer?

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Now a day’s Gmail Is the best document sharing medium for business and public service propose by Google. Gmail is the best service by Google from the other services on Google.
To get this service you have to install Google chrome add-on with your browser.
 You can install from this link:

Gmail Print

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Using this add-on you can Access your data on all website and down load data in PDF format.
You can download multiple emails in single click with Google cloud Gmail.
You can share your mail data with others on drive and online storage cloud with the security of not changeable after you have to convert it into PDF fixed format. 
Step to install with Google chrome
Steps: 1
Go on upper link and install on your browser at the end you have to restart your browser and enjoy the service.
Steps : 2
After you get installed in your browser you have to recommend granting access on you Gmail account for security purpose and terms and conditions.
Steps : 3
Now through the add-on page you have to select you choice label which you want to print or save them as a PDF. 
Steps : 4
Now go on Google drive with which you want to download and the convert as a pdf. Select the upper ribbon file menu from top and select download as target of your content type.
1.      Microsoft office (.doc)
2.      Open Document Format(.odf)
3.      Rich Text format (.rtf)
You can see this technique with below live demo in video:
How to connect to PC with simple cable: [How it’s possible to click here]


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