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How to recover data from Microsoft office 2010 | Unsaved data

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Microsoft gives its latest tools to recover unsaved data in new office 2010. This option is available for all users who use Microsoft office 2010.

You can cover data from your pre type data in word, Xml, PowerPoint ect. With preset time to recover option. All details are given bellow in step by step.

How it possible
1.Some of the time users can unfortunately close file from window after selecting a Don’t save option in popup.
See below image
2.In power cut problem system goes close and that moment users worked on Microsoft office 2010.

If you got any of the above problem then you have to follow below steps to recover data.
1.Go to the File menu in upper ribbon
2.Select the “Recent” tab in open popup
3.Select “recover unsaved Document” after tap the “Recent” tab

After selecting the recent document you have to select “recover unsaved Document”.
Dont save option from microsoft office 2010
Now you can see popup for open the unsaved document and closed document from your window.
It will available in C drive. under the unsaved folder.

Select Recover Option
Now unsaved file will be open with Recover message after the upper tab.
Click on the save as for target location to save with recover all data.
Save File to target Location


Second method to Recover File
You can see the unsaved file from below path in your machine.

For “Windows 8/7/Windows Vista” Users
For “Windows XP” Users
C:Documents and SettingsUser_Name_HereLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOfficeUnsavedFiles
Option for auto save with as of user set time

Users can save with minimum time with minutes
Second method to Recover File 
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