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How can access block sites using list of this sites on your computer and Itab

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This article based on you can access block sites in your PC, School, Collage and Office. In free schedule you can enjoy the social media sites which blocked by organization and private Sector Company.

List of best proxy sites

But how it possible? That’s possible with the proxy sites. For that you have to open any one of the below sites and serf with the url which you want to open.

Proxy sites help to access restricted sites without any problem.
List of Best proxy sites to secure your IP and geographic location


Hidemyass helps with the secure browsing with cover your ip address, internet history, and your personal web identity. :

 on the web search you can access any of the site with domain name but indirectly you are accessing through the ip address. But in the case of this proxy sites you have to search with the target sites and the target sites don’t identifies your IP. That benefits of proxy sites.

You can also search with the country name, but some of the country access required a premium browsing.

3.Blew Pass

this proxy available at any of the workplace like collages and school, government offices, private sector.
So far you have to type domain name in search box and you got accessible through it.


Proxify provide more option at single place like Remove cookies, scripts, ads ect.
You can find with the proxy satellite available with place with selecting country.

5.Ninjaclock :

Ninja clock more familiar on the web based proxy servers. Using this you can search with your private browsing. You can ignore the firewall setting from your sides.

6.KProxy :

Kproxy have a long history, its available since 2005 successfully. On this sites now a day’s millions of visitors are visiting on daily basis.

7.4freeProxy :

4freeproxy works fine same as above sites. You can protect yourself with private browsing and hidden IP and locality also.

8.Webevader :

Webvader included in list of best proxy sites by its popularity and efficient to search with any sites.

9.Anonymouse :

10.Unblockit :

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  1. I like the way you promote such sites which can open blocked sites anywhere you are. Sometime I want to access youtube in my university but fail to do so but after letting know about such a unique instruction I got everything Unblock All Sites