Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back up of your feed burner subscribers from your site and bloggers. | Download CSV file of Feed burner

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

Feed burner is one of the most uses to share daily updates. Visitors had no break in that so blogger and the professional remember that don’t miss that hart touching visitors.
Break is that some time in technology error has been occurred in future. So in that case “privation is better than cured”.
Privation is that we can take back up of huge number of subscriber in single feed data with one file in each fix time period of cut of date time duration.

How it is possible? Learn in sequence with pasteurization of feed burner process.  
1.      If you are not using Gmail account than click through this button (See picture below).
For new registration

Feed Burner (Log in) Home page

1.      If you have Gmail account than proceed with the login.

2.      Redirect From your blog title, which you have to take a backup.

Click on Your blog

3.      Than click on below “Publicize” tab

Tab "Publicize"
4.      Click on Email Subscription with below left side tab.

E sub.

5.      Select First option under the “Email Subscription”  tab “Subscription Management”

Subscription Management

Then click on left side save button and Export CVS file for your future backup data.
Ready for export CSV file (Back up File)
View subscriber Details
Download CSV

You can find subscriber with group or search the name box.

You can gather all mail subscribers in one CSV file with full address of all subscribers with current status.
If you have to faces a problem regarding to export file that knowledgekites is helping more in favor of you. So put comment below.


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