Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Changing of theme and design of blog can kill your visitors. How and Why? What’s Effect on blogging?

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

My personal opinion and your satisfaction are right. But my personal opinion about of In this is that’s fact  

“We never change our personality after give best at starting position”.

Best Tamplate Selection in Days to days

In whatever case none another blog is one of them it’s true fact of blogging. Logo is mark of all sites and company which manufacture whatever products. It’s batch mark of company based on quality of product.

At our starting stage of blogging we having to became famous at starting stage of blog.
After that we have to spared our blogging news by logo, URL by more than one ( List ) of top Social media sites and whole designing of the effective blog which have perfect shining and its beck ground match with the topic on the we are writing. 

At the starting stage we have to design on the basis of content can readable with any change of devise.

Because each and every devise has change with size of display like mobile devise has small screen in front of desktop or laptop.

So we have to consider each and every point on it’s how to look.

Color combination must match
Color combination is perfectly matched with the content with the figure which is coming on that. News, Technology, Social media content comes up with light and less image as compare to Entertainment and less video.

And the other part is coming on video and dark picture. So its look must be a funky. So any of the visitors are try to open it.

-          And the news, technology blogging must be on Black and white theme with no more than or equal Two(2) column.
-          With big title
-          More than one post comes up within one page. So visitors can easy to swap with new topic which is useful to personally.

All the features provide best among the thousand and millions of blog.

In market you have to got much more site that provide free blogger template in XML format as per your aspect in day by day.

 You can upload (How to upload template in XML, without getting any error) your favorite and matching template fit with your blog.

if you are changing theme and color combination of your blog than you can lost visitors days to days.  so its directly affecting on Page rank and alexa rank.

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