Tuesday, February 12, 2013

List of social networking sites which helps to increase page rank.

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
               Which are the social networking sites? That increase PR(Page Rank) of Blog. 

My personal and other successful bloggers opinion said that PR depends of partially on difference of content quality than the others which is written by own technique and thought.
And the partially depends on the beck links which is connected to the other sites which are social networking sites.
social networking websites

Basic concept of social networking site is share the comment between people which are visitors and users of the site who are interact daily with your friends and share some useful content from the other sites like computers, technology, messaging, entertainment ect.. That’s calling E- table.

In that case bloggers most effective goal is provide own information put between his friends and interested friends and family can interact many and many hits days by days. 

So, site of the publishers are physically connected with that networking site which have good page rank(4 to 8) in front of the server.

Now it’s crated a complex network in from of server. From the all the same types of site number of back link is good than the page rank is higher because PR is in favor of the back link.

Here display number of social networking site are available with page rank(PR) and Alexa rank and this number is increasing days to days.

SEO tools also works on back link.
Websites name with Google page rank and alexa rank from the globally 30 millions online web sites in world wide.

Slashdot.org :- PR(Page Rank) : 8 & Alexa rank : 2098 

Reddit.com :- PR(Page Rank) : 8 & an Alexa rank : 135

Technorati.com :- PR(Page Rank) : 8 & Alexa rank : 1651

Mixx.com :- chime.in recently online as Mixx.com was . 
                  Chime.in has PR (Page  Rank) : 8 & Alexa Rank :- 8041

Folkd.com :- PR(Page Rank) : 7 and & Alexa rank : 4808

Metafilter.com :- PR(Page Rank) :- 6 & Alexa rank : 2225

Wikio.com :- PR(Page Rank) : 6 & Alexa rank : 33,783

Current.com :- PR(Page Rank) : 6 & Alexa rank : 10,620

Clipmarks.com :-  PR(Page Rank) : 5 &  Alexa rank : 14,376

dZone.com :- PR(Page Rank) : 6 & Alexa rank : 3448

Buddymarkd :- PR(Page Rank) : 5 & Alexa rank : 10,658

Kirtsy.com :- PR(Page Rank) : 5 & Alexa rank : 36,259

A1-Webmarks.com :- PR(Page Rank) : 5 & Alexa rank : 20,254

Designfloat.com :- PR(Page Rank) : 6 & Alexa rank : 9,394 

Twitter.com :- PR(Page Rank) :8 Rank:10

Linkedin.com :- PR(Page Rank):6  rank 14

Dig.com :- PR(Page Rank):6 Rank: 689

Most of the websites are only URL expectable site, so one of the benefits is save the time of copy pasting of body content. In simple text you can share your post without any description and only needs URL.

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