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What is workgroup and how its change. Step by step guide. What is the need?

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
In networking, network works in between on common name internally with the same name called workgroup.

If we have to connect more than on PC or laptop with LAN or Network cable (How to connect) than you have to change your computer work group with same name than restart must be need after the change.

 This option is available in your network settings option. This option find different with the different location in your system its depends on your OS.

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 Now may OS available for computer like Window 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, MAC.

Windows 8:

Move away to your mouse pointers at right side corner.

You can see popup window than tapped to search panel in this popup.

You can see under the Computer name, Domain, Work group settings move on change settings.

Then you have to option with enter a new work group that’s you want to create for new network. And the second one is you have to choose any one from the multiple external workgroup available to connect. (Boot or Restart your system for easy configuration)

Windows 7:

In windows 7, just go on start menu that click on search field and the type simply “work group” don’t the hit enter and you can see “Change work group name”.

Than you can see small window go on “setting” and you can see computer name and workgroup name. You have to change that.( Boot or Restart your system for easy configuration)


Left click on start menu >System Preference> Network > Air post connection (First option) > Click on advance > Wins (On horizontal tab Manu) > Change work group

(Boot or Restart your system for easy configuration)

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