Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to connect two PC(Computer) with only LAN Cable - With out any Devise or Switch

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

Suppose you buy a new pc (Computer) or laptop and then one of the most dangerous problems regarding data which you want to in new pc.

You have to access data from the new pc (Computer). After we have to transfer old data from old pc (Computer).

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 – upcoming model of Samsung

Now we have more than one solution apart from that. It can possible through first we transfer data in external devise like external hard disk. After that Pen drive should be for small amount of data transfer.

At top level solution now coming I explain with step by stab guide. In that process you don’t have to need external hard disk. No physical work and no problem about data lose.

Transfer all the data like audio, video with no limitation of size.  

You should have to purchase a Ethernet cable (Internet cable most in blue color) at both side of the cable one RJ 45 is given (Show in below figure).

Cross Over Cable

Lan Cable


You can purchase from

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If you don’t have to purchase it than you can see that cable as a printer connection,
More option for this cable to use n future at internet connection and printer shared between more than one computer.( One computer by one cable)

Now you have to simply press one side of the RJ 45 in Internet port (Mostly available in behind the CPU or in laptop port is available at one of the side) in technically language we can say LAN or Ethernet card available on mother board that’s in your computer’s CPU.

But if you have to connect more than two devises in between that you have to need Ethernet router or switch.

Your First steps:
Change your computer’s work group (Name of the computer work group must be same).
You can also share internet between two devise

Case 1 : if you have a laptop and wife then you can enjoy internet in your desktop with no need of wireless network card or Ethernet port. You can connect directly from laptop to desktop through Network cable or Cross over cable. 

If you have any query regarding to connection interpreting than you can put your problem in below comments box.

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  2. Ever since my roommate bought his laptop for college, he's been asking me to switch LAN cables. We don't have a hotspot so its a pain sharing the internet. This looks like it'll solve the problem. Thanks Jaysukh

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