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Best image Optimization Software For SEO in windows and Mac

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Are you finding the best image optimization techniques? Then you must have to use handy image compression tools and software for personal and official use and plugins (minify and hammy) available for image optimization in WordPress. Are you worried about image optimization and compression then you must have to use below suggested and best-rated software for your Pac and Mac?

Wordpress plugins take more server resource if you turn on compress all images at once from your WordPress dashboard.

So make and prepare HD quality image on your PC or Mac before upload post. Or Publish post. Polished image creation decrease server load on upload time.

Best image optimization software and image compressor for better SEO is really excellent photo making and Picture editing software for the blogger and image maker. That help to edit screenshots, Create New Image, Use Different Scale option, Change image, Arrange images side by side and use different tools for a point or show essential settings on the screen to the readers for easy understanding.

Before save you can see estimated image side and change it back save with preview. tools also helpful to convert or break picture formate into another picture formate from JPEG, PNG, GIF and any other.

RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) for image compression

Riot is free and open source image optimizer software for your website and blog building. RIOT giving auto compression suggestion. But for the manuall operation, you can also set as of your target image size like 200kB to 20 KB and WhatEver.
RIOT is also giving the option for image saturation, Compression, Color charger, and brightness. Here all the operation with screen shot helps to use actual on RIOT.

To use this software you have to simply upload the image that can be shown in the left pane of the software window. And converted image will be shown at right side pane. You can save the compressed image from top bar given in top tab.

RIOT is also recommended by GIMP, XnView, Photo shop users and graphic designer.


All the image format supporting, JPG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, or Photoshop PSD file
All the type of image not limitation of file size and more
Download RIOT click here
Image optimization software for you
Image optimization software for you (Pro version) is best image compression techniques with the algorithm. This image Compression software is very popular for business and professional users.
Your website has google quality image, Then you must have to use this image compression algorithm software for batter utilization.
compress image for SEO for Web
compress the image for SEO for Web
Here you can go with premium plans after used as free 20 days usage

Kraken also supports your WordPress blog or website through its plugins.

Online Image Optimization Tools for Compress Image

There too many popular online image compression tools, That's easy to access and help to convert any size image very fast without any registration. tiny JPG and Tiny PNG is a great online website for Image compression. Compress your Business image, logo and Banner image very fast and securely.

Hope, you like the most amazing and very popular image compressor or image optimization software for use. Have you any alternate software for your windows or Mac then comment in below. Also share your experience, if any of above Best image compression software.


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