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How to use Squirrly Plugins in wordpress: Check SEO of article online

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Use Squirrly plugins in WordPress, is the best experience on SEO plugins use. To check your WordPress article or post rank at publishing time. You can customize your post using HitTail and Long-Tail keywords. SEO check all the points like human friendly, Google friendly, content quality, Keyword Popularity. After use Squirrly you can get a perfect combination of all above criteria. To archive more indexes in Google and other top search engines you must use Squirrly SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Squirrly SEO plugins for wordpress How to use it
Squirrly SEO plugins for wordpress How to use it
Here I will try on “How to use Squirrly SEO from your hosted WordPress dashboard”. For the newbie this tips is very useful. Because more over blog guide on best SEO plugins, Installation guide act. So none of giving guide on how to use Squirrly plugin in WordPress website/blog.

Useful: Check the entire useful installation guide for hosted WordPress website/blog.

So, let’s watch popularity of Squirrly Plugins and use guide in below,

Popularity of Squirrly plugins

This number is noted on 24 June 24, 2014. Will be update in future.

Squirrly gives regular update with WordPress new update.

Recent WordPress supporting version is 3.3 To 3.9.1

Updated on one day ago,

Total download: 504, 559

From Download number of Squirrly plugin, you can get idea of success of Squirrly plugin as compare to other SEO plugins.

Step to use Squirrly plugins in WordPress

After writing or before posting you must choose keyword from your blog post. After choosing keyword, you can check how much valid keyword for my article post. To make 100% optimized article you have follow the below simple steps.

Squirrly also giving premium service, you can buy it from here

Step 1

Install SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY in your WordPress dashboard. More information click here

Useful: How to install WordPress plugin?: Best installation ways of wordpress plugin

Step 2

Add Single (one) Keyword in below box, which is main keyword of your post/article in WordPress website/blog.

Squirrly SEO plugin - Use guide
Squirrly SEO plugin - Use guide

And fulfill the entire requirement for 100% optimize your blog/website article. Squirrly check SEO for both human and server friendly.

Follow the all the points Step by Step, given in below make it all green.

Squirrly SEO points - Make use of Squirrly in wordpress
Squirrly SEO points - Make use of Squirrly in wordpress

All tabs are greens means you has archive best optimized article. See in below image,

Conclusion: Use Squirrly Plugins, gives more benefits in short time with fewer efforts. Don’t miss to share experience on Squirrly SEO for WordPress in below comment box. All the best for make use of Squirrly Plugins.


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