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How to open private browsing in chrome, Firefox and IE (internet explorer)

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Private browsing in browser, Chrome, Firefox, IE (internet explorer). Using private browsing you can protect yourself from store your data on another browser like personal information, Username and password. If you are buying online from E-commerce site than you must have to use private browsing on all browsers are Chrome, Firefox, IE (internet explorer).

In private browsing you protect yourself with not stored cookies, Browsing history, and download file information.

More over friends suggest me, keep internet surfing on unknown friends and person’s computer always in safe mode of browser: Private browsing in browser

How to turn private browsing in Chrome, Firefox, and IE(Internet Explorer)

To enable private browsing in Firefox

Using two different steps you can move your Firefox in private browsing.
Method 1: Simple and easiest way to move Firefox in private browsing, open FireFox on your desktop and laptop.
Press key from keyboard = Ctlr + Shift + P
Method 2: Open Firefox, in your Desktop and Laptop
Go > File > New Private windows (More see in below image)
Private Browsing in Mozila
Private Browsing in Mozila

To enable private browsing in Chrome

Method 1: Method 1 is same as given in fire fox. To open private browsing in chrome. Open Google chrome in your screen. Type key from your keyboard: Ctlr + Shift + N
Method: 2
From top right corner click on Customize button, select New incognito window. More click on below image
Private Browsing in Chrome
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To enable private browsing in internet Explorer

Method 1
Open internet explorer in your screen,
Press key from keyboard = Ctlr + Shift + P
Method 2
To open tools please click f10 key.
Tools > in private browsing, (Given in below image)

Private browsing in IE
Private browsing in IE

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