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How to create common personal cloud in your Device, Data sharing between in your device same as cloud

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Friends, you don’t need pan drive or data cable to transfer own data between own device including Your home or office desktop device, Mobile or iPad device. You can also use this way for dropbox or google drive alternatives through creating own shared cloud storage. Using this tech you can get data or save data from your mobile or iPad to your home or office desktop in easy way. This secure way is very useful also to transfer our useful data. Because we are transferring in our own network so can feel safe to transfer informative data with no limitation. Here is more information on how to use this trick with step by step guide in below.

Manage your device data storage capacity

pcClouds is best apps developed Baylor university to share data between own device. Suppose in your devices Desktop has 400GB, Mobile have 20GB, and iPad have 9GB. So at the end in your private cloud storage made with 429GB storage capacity.
400GB + 20 GB + 9GB = 429GB

Advantage of pcClouds: Alternative of Cloud storage Dropbox, GoogleDrive

Share data with own private cloud storage - Mobile - iPad - Desktop storage as cloude storage
Share data with own private cloud storage - Mobile - iPad - Desktop storage as cloude storage

  • You can use space in your old device and you can use any time you want it on another device.
  • You don’t need pen drive or data cable
  • Very secure
  • Easy To manage data between own device remotely
  • Device you can use as own cloud storage: Mac OS device, Windows device, Linux, Windows Phone, android device.
  • Compatible with all OS, so you can use any device.

Step to use pcColuds: Share data between your devices

To make your devices space as cloud storage, install pcClouds on all device you want to create your cloud storage space by using devices. For that you have to create awn login after creating your own login you can see all device that connect or install own your devices. To access data from another device you must have to internet connection in that all devices.

Download From here : pcClouds

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