Saturday, April 26, 2014

Google Adsense: Payment In Progress After More Recent Payment More Than $100 Payment Adsense

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Friends, at the first time you are you have seen message “Adsense payment in progress” in your adsense payment tab. More over adsense publisher are worried on why this message gives at the time of adsense payment in over the threshold amount ($100). On behalf of my personal experience when you are reached over the payment amount then you are able to get your amount through the check standard delivery. Now question is that why it will take time to issue my check payment.

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Step to get adsense payment check using standard delivery

Step 1
You are reached over the threshold amount (more or equal to $100)
Ex: your payment in March month is $139.60.
adsense Payment in progress step 1
adsense Payment in progress step 1

Step 2
Now your payment will be issues in next month of 1st day.
Ex. Your amount will be go at 5th April in “Most recent payment”.

Step 3
15th of that moth you get most recent tab at your google adsense home screen.
adsense Payment in progress step 2
adsense Payment in progress step 2
Step 4
After 23 of this month it will take 2 day to issue your check in your postal address. Till this time means 24th and 25th in your account “Adsense payment in progress” message displays.

Step 5
On 26th you can see all the details of your check and check amount will display under the Account settings. See in below image
You can check whole details of your check like Payment type, Payment Date, Payment number, Reporting amount in currency, Exchange rate, Amount in payment currency.
adsense Payment in progress step 3
adsense Payment in progress step 3

After that you can track your check details using above check using this method.

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